Thank you to everyone who visited our booth at The Car Wash Show. We enjoyed sharing with you our industry-leading portfolio of business optimization solutions designed to support the unique needs of each car wash business. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you:

Experience Speed to Market

Whether you are opening your first car wash or your 100th, we’re here to make sure you achieve fast and lasting ROI. We do this by helping you select the right location, branding and marketing strategies while quickly ramping up your unlimited wash plan membership.

Experience Revenue Growth

Everything we do is ultimately intended to cultivate revenue growth. We can help you optimize your pricing, streamline your operations, make data-based business decisions, and more. In short, we are your partners in profitability.

Experience Customer Loyalty

Competitors can copy your equipment, your prices, even elements of your brand. What they can’t take away is the unique experience you can offer customers. We help you exceed their expectations for fast, convenient and friction-free interactions.

Experience What's Next

The Car Wash Show afforded us the opportunity to share our latest and best innovations, including:

Advanced Point-of-Sale Systems, including Patheon®, our next-gen POS solution, and Washify, our streamlined solution for growing car wash chains.

SUDS®our data analytics and marketing arm that provides pricing strategy, site location analysis, data-driven marketing strategies and more.  

Customized Mobile Apps by Beacon Mobile that help you drive customer loyalty, retention and engagement.

NoPileups™ full tunnel management system that uses patented video and computer technology to help you increase capacity, identify misaligned equipment and prevent in-tunnel collisions.

Education Session: Understanding Market Saturation and Other Enterprise Business Intelligence Insights

Our team had the opportunity to share our insights on car wash market saturation. We have found some surprising trends as competition has increased. In this Car Wash Show Education Session, we shared these trends, predicted when we expect to experience industry saturation and highlighted some exciting advancements in enterprise business intelligence.

If you missed this session, stay tuned for information about a future webinar on this topic.

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