Why Is Your Car Wash Point of Sale & Management System So Important?

Prioritizing a car wash point-of-sale (POS) solution before focusing on other car wash components might sound counterintuitive, but car wash owners who don’t put the POS first often find themselves spending thousands down the road to alleviate unexpected headaches. Car wash owners who do the work upfront researching and evaluating POS solutions avoid those headaches and benefit in unexpected ways. 

The Advantage of a Great Car Wash POS System

Standard POS systems manage workflows and help streamline customer payment processing. Robust systems, built to connect business and marketing solutions together and harness the collective knowledge of those systems, do so much more, including: 

✓  Support recurring revenue

✓  Promote customer loyalty   

✓  Deliver actionable sales data insights   

✓  Enhance the consumer experience      

✓  Make employees more effective faster

✓  Reveal customer trends  

✓  Reduce downtime

✓ Optimize business to maximize revenue  

More importantly, great car wash management tools and systems are scalable, growing alongside your business, adapting and integrating as you expand services and introduce complementary software solutions.

The DRB Difference

For over a third of a century, DRB supported – and often drove – an era of unprecedented growth in the car wash industry with point-of-sale and business optimization solutions. We have continued that tradition through continuous development and acquisition. 

As a result, we bring you the industry’s premier portfolio of business optimization solutions to support the unique needs of each car wash business. Let our car wash experts show you which combination of solutions will help you meet your business goals wherever you are in your car wash journey. 

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The Difference in Action

Showing New Investors How to Succeed

Investing in the car wash industry is a sound decision, but success takes careful planning. We’re here to help. From market research and location selection to marketing and promotion, we can walk you through the finer points of car wash ownership. 


Patheon® and the Power of POS Car Wash Software Scalability

Car wash POS system scalability is vital to owners and investors. Increased competition, technological evolution and rising customer expectations require a solution to help you navigate these challenges. 

Enter Patheon, the POS solution that’s so much more. Beyond handling unlimited plans and payments, Patheon:

  • Unlocks insights 
  • Influences actions 
  • Optimizes your business
  • Elevates the user experience

By addressing what you value as a business owner, Patheon transforms your operations and changes how employees and customers feel about your brand.

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DRB Tunnel Solutions

Unleash the hidden potential of your car wash tunnel with our innovative tunnel management solutions. Our technology gives you unprecedented control over your tunnel, allowing you to increase your capacity and throughput, boost efficiencies and control costs, all while providing the best possible customer experience.

Trusted by more top 50 conveyor car wash chains than all other technology providers combined, DRB Tunnel Solutions is the proven partner to provide the car wash POS and optimization technology that tunnel operators need to achieve long-term growth.

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drb in-bay solutions

DRB In-Bay Solutions

DRB In-Bay Solutions provides innovative services and car wash point-of-sale software delivered through rock-solid, reliable Unitec® hardware. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of the unattended and C-Store car wash market across the U.S. and Canada.

We have built a reputation for innovative technology, unparalleled customer service and the rock-solid point-of-sale hardware that still bears the Unitec name. We empower car wash operators, C-Stores, distributors and manufacturers to drive ROI. Whether you’re just starting your car wash journey or trying to take your unattended car wash to the next level, DRB In-Bay Solutions is here.

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car wash consumer intelligence

SUDS Car Wash Marketing

SUDS is our analytics, software and design-driven car wash marketing agency. They drive customer revenue and profit by turning complex data into actionable insights, providing tools and services that address operator pain points and creating industry-leading designs that effectively communicate with customers.

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Your Success is Our Success

We are dedicated to keeping your car wash business optimized and operational. And it’s not only about helping you seize every ounce of opportunity – and profitability. DRB’s best-in-class support, training, resources, industry expertise and technical knowledge will help your business grow.

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