Maximize Your Car Wash Investment Performance  

Patheon is a powerful car wash management software platform that ensures you get the most out of your car wash investments by revolutionizing your operations, getting your new investments up and operational as fast as possible, maximizing your revenue potential and improving the way consumers experience your brand.

Your car wash point-of-sale (POS) solution is your car wash’s central nervous system. It is connected to every component of your car wash business, from pay stations and plan members to vehicle identification and tunnel equipment. You need more than a standard car wash POS solution to maximize your investment potential. 

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Improve Operational Efficiency
Patheon allows you to ramp up team members quickly, streamlines your operations and simplifies daily interactions to promote operational efficiency.

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Scale Quickly 
Patheon was architected to scale with your business. It not only supports your current goals but also your future aspirations, ensuring that technology never limits your ambitions.

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Maximize Your Revenue Potential 
Patheon allows you to get the most out of your members and retail customers while enhancing throughput – a winning combination for generating more revenue.

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Enhance the Consumer Experience
Patheon was purposely designed to create meaningful and memorable interactions that solidify your brand’s reputation for excellence.

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"Patheon gives you the ability to pivot on the spot, make great decisions and take better action on what you see in your business."

-  Jim Gunderson, Vice President of Operations for Mint Smartwash

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Access Patheon Anytime, Anywhere 

A Patheon provides car wash owners access to the platform anytime, anywhere, over any internet-connected device. The platform’s hybrid-cloud technology also provides enhanced data security by providing data backup and replication capabilities, helping ensure quicker recovery in the event one or more car wash locations encounter an issue, whether it’s technology-related, weather-related or otherwise.

This product is patented by DRB®.

Patheon Tunnel Base Package

All users get the Patheon Tunnel Base Package, which includes 10 user licenses, one Patheon Appliance and a DRB®-managed computing device that delivers mission-critical services to each wash site. It also syncs with the Patheon Cloud. 

With the Patheon Tunnel Base Package, you gain access to the Patheon Portal and POS.

Patheon PortalPatheon POS
  • Configure sites, profit centers, services, products, plans, discounts, hardware, employees and your POS
  • Access common reports and dashboards with real-time analytics
  • Receive basic hardware and software alerts and view a 7-day history of alerts for each site
  • Process attended and unattended sales
  • Review sales history
  • Manage customers
  • Manage the wash queue

Patheon Portal


The Tunnel Base Package also includes:

Payment Processing & Tax Automation

Wash Plan Management

Patheon Reports & Interactive Dashboards

Marketing Tools

Touch Queueing

✓ Native integration with DRB's TunnelWatch® tunnel control software

Get Even More Out of Patheon With SUDS 

SUDS, DRB's analytics, software and design-driven car wash marketing team, has solutions and expert advice to help you achieve ROI swiftly and multiply your profits. Whether you are just starting out in the car wash industry or have a fully established business that you’re converting to Patheon, SUDS will show you how to leverage Patheon for ultimate growth potential. 

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Powerful Add-Ons

We built Patheon to be one of the most flexible, robust car wash POS platforms in the industry. It easily adapts to and grows with your car wash business. These additional components help you get more out of Patheon and your business.

The reliable hardware components we are known for are compatible with Patheon – including our convenient, self-serve Xpress Pay Terminal® 5+ (XPT®).

Mobile Apps
We offer both a Progressive Web App and a native app by Beacon Mobile. When used together, they can create the ultimate customer experience.

Vehicle Recognition
We offer License Plate Recognition (LPR) and RFID technology to recognize monthly wash plan members. Use one or both to quickly recognize plan members and allow them through to your wash.

TunnelWatch® and TCS2
Patheon works with third-party tunnel controllers, but it offers native integration with DRB’s web-based tunnel control software TunnelWatch and the Tunnel Control Station 2 (TCS2).

With patented video and advanced computer technology, the NoPileups full-tunnel car wash management system helps increase throughput, identify broken or misaligned equipment and prevent unnecessary collisions.

Catalyst is the only platform you need for powerful, personalized car wash marketing. Synced directly with Patheon®, Catalyst allows you to build, manage and analyze highly targeted marketing campaigns that decrease churn, increase customer lifetime value and drive revenue. 

Customer Notifications
Provide transaction-related SMS and emails to your customers, including messages for plan welcome, failed plan payments, purchase receipts, recharges, expiration notices and more.

Wash Codes at the Pump (WashCap)
Sell washes at your gas pumps or even partner gas stations not owned by you. These washes can be tracked, redeemed, managed and controlled with Patheon.


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