Beyond Car Wash Point-of-Sale

As a car wash operator, you’re in the midst of a major upheaval brought on by increased competition, rapid advances in technology and rising customer expectations. You need more than a point-of-sale (POS) system to help you navigate these challenges.

Enter Patheon. Just like the amazing architecture which helped inspire its name, Patheon is “eons” ahead of traditional POS systems. Beyond simply handling unlimited plans and payments, it’s also a marketing system, an analytics and insights engine, a workforce management tool and so much more. By addressing what you value as a business owner, Patheon transforms your operations and changes how employees and customers feel about your brand. 

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Unlock Insights
Patheon unlocks your data and transforms it into insights, allowing you to move from reactive to proactive and predictive.

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Influence Actions
Patheon enables you to guide the user experience and influence actions, resulting in more engaged employees and customers and higher revenue.

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Elevate the User Experience
The way Patheon interacts with the user (owner, employee, consumer)  is highly personalized and relevant, delivering an experience unimagined from a car wash.

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Optimize Your Business
Patheon can save you time and money, generate more revenue for your wash, help you run a more efficient wash, make you an employer of choice and more.

Navigating Patheon

Delivering a suite of integrated business solutions is possible because of Patheon’s browser-based application architecture. As a Patheon customer, you have access to the Patheon Portal and POS applications.

Patheon Portal
Patheon’s Portal allows you to configure and manage your car wash technology platform anytime, from anywhere. Because of the platform's hybrid-cloud architecture, the Portal is available from any internet-connected device. 

With the Portal you can: 

  • Configure sites, profit centers, services, products, plans, discounts, hardware, employees and your point-of-sale (POS)
  • Access common reports and dashboards with real-time analytics  
  • Receive basic hardware and software alerts and view a 7-day history of alerts for each site 

Patheon Point of Sale (POS)  
Patheon’s POS application allows washers to process attended and unattended sales, review sales history, manage customers and manage the wash queue.  

The POS experience is configured in the Portal.  

Paths to Success

Patheon was designed to be flexible and is organized by Path. Each Path defines a group of features that offer similar benefits. The result is the most modern, integrated, flexible Car Wash Management and Optimization Platform in the industry.  

Some options are automatically available to all Patheon users as part of their Tunnel Base Package:

  • Seamless integration with Vantiv EMV, Moneris and other payment processors.
  • Essential reports and dashboards (mobile and desktop)
  • Marketing essentials (upsells, discounts, ticketbooks, etc.)
  • Native integration with DRB's TunnelWatch tunnel control software

Explore the Patheon Paths


Patheon allows you to process transactions in the way that works best for your business model. Find the sales path that best meets your needs.

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Wash Operations & Queueing Path

Getting customers through quickly with the correct wash is critical to maintaining a steady flow of business. Patheon powers line management tools to keep your wash moving.

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Loyalty Path

Patheon facilitates flexible wash plans and vehicle identification technology so your business can lock in loyalty and generate dependable, recurring revenue.

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Data, Insights & Integrations Path

Patheon puts the data you need to run and grow your business at your fingertips with real-time dashboards, self-service analytics, accounting exports and more.

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Employee Management Path

Patheon makes it easy to manage your staff from one centralized database that includes a timeclock and employee scheduling functionality.

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Marketing Path

Promoting and growing your business is easy with Patheon's advanced and customized marketing capabilities.

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You can feel secure when your payments are handled through Patheon. Patheon integrates seamlessly with Vantiv and other payment processors.

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