Save Time & Money  

Operational efficiency forms the foundation of a successful car wash business, acting as the driving force behind customer satisfaction, profitability and long-term viability. In an industry where time is truly is money, optimizing every aspect of your wash—from the customer’s first interaction with your wash through to the final sparkle at the exit—is paramount.  

Patheon saves time training employees and puts the power to customize settings and modify configurations in your hands with its intuitive user interface.  

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car wash attendant spraying a vehicle entering the tunnelReduce New Employee Training Costs

In an industry marked by high employee turnover, Patheon drastically reduces training time from weeks to mere hours, resulting in significant cost savings and enhanced productivity. 

Streamline Wash Management 

Patheon reduces the complexity of configuring changes by allowing operators to modify products, plans, promotions and pricing swiftly and independently. 

  • Operators can make self-service changes to products, plans, and promotions in minutes. 
  • One-click functionality allows for instant pricing changes across all sites, reducing the time and effort required. 
  • Mass configuration tools simplify complex discounts and pricing strategies, ensuring efficient management and maximizing revenue potential. 

Increase Throughput

Two cars going into a car wash tunnelPatheon increases the number of cars you can get through the wash.

  • An effective queue management system allows you to send vehicles from anywhere in the queue with one-tap and Auto Send enabled. 
  • Stored vehicle retracts increase throughput and reduce the risk of vehicle damage from missed retracts.  
  • Pay station staff screens are designed for fast customer service, allowing attendants to solve issues directly from the XPT® screen. They also increase member recognition rates by allowing attendants to enter alternate license plate numbers for misread plates.
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