Creating a Smarter Tunnel

DRB’s TunnelWatch tunnel control software gives you unprecedented control over your tunnel equipment, helping you deliver a clean, shiny, dry car every time.

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Lower Costs
TunnelWatch only activates equipment when needed rather than cycling up early or remaining on after a vehicle passes. This reduces equipment wear and chemical and utility costs.

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Keep in Touch With Your Tunnel
The cloud-based TunnelWatch software allows you to keep track of your tunnel’s status and make configuration changes anytime from anywhere.

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Enhance Customer Experience
TunnelWatch helps ensure that customers get the best wash for their specific vehicle every time they visit your car wash.


Quick Status Screen
TunnelWatch 5 powers the Quick Status Screen on DRB®'s Tunnel Control Station 2. It allows you to view conveyor speed, queue and tunnel activity, alerts, warnings and other important information at-a-glance on the Tunnel Control Station ’s integrated PC touchscreen.  

  • Screen border changes color when a condition arises that needs your attention
  • Shows why a conveyor has stopped
  • Alerts you when simulated pulse or simulated enter has been activated
  • Displays easy-to-read override information on the main screen

Additional Features

Live Queue and Tunnel Status
Watch graphical representations of vehicles travelling through a virtual tunnel. When integrated with CarPics®, TunnelWatch displays the photos of each vehicle rather than graphical representations.

Vehicle Traits Feature
Easily adjust conveyor equipment for different vehicle sizes and external features for less equipment wear and tear and better vehicle coverage.

Live Invoke
Make changes to tunnel equipment configuration while cars are in the tunnel without interrupting wash services.

Device Saturation Guard
User-controlled configurations automatically cut off solutions like tire shine when enough chemical has already been applied to the device to handle the next vehicle.

Collision Avoidance
Supports two sensors located at the tunnel exit that detect if a vehicle pulls out early or if another vehicle is approaching too closely. Get further collision protection by adding NoPileups™.

Smooth SiteWatch® Interface
TunnelWatch can directly connect to the SiteWatch POS system without requiring an SRMB or serial cable.

Simulated Pulse and Enter Switches
Keep TunnelWatch running smoothly when real switches fail.

Cloud Backup
Includes automatic off-site backups, a simple one-step recovery process and the ability to reload prior configurations.

Easy Updates
Updates are completed remotely.

Gain Even More Control

Add the following products to further fine-tune your tunnel performance.

orange outline on top of a pickup truck going through a car washVehicle Profile Detection™

Uses sonar to profile vehicles to the inch and automatically identifies and adjusts for features like pickup truck beds and side mirrors without human intervention. This helps you minimize waste, reduce equipment wear and tear and deliver a better wash.

  • May reduce the number of relays so you can use them for future expansion or to more precisely control other equipment.
  • Requires minimal wiring, saving you electrician fees and installation hassle.
  • Can control an unlimited number of devices because the profile detected is built into the program for each car and doesn’t require wiring to individual devices.
  • With “Simulated Sonar,” in the unlikely event the sonar detector fails, TunnelWatch will assume a standard truck profile and behave accordingly for all devices in the tunnel.

red outline around a mini van on NoPileups display at a car washNoPileups by DRB Systems

Full-tunnel management system that uses advanced technology to help you increase capacity, identify broken or misaligned equipment and prevent costly and time-consuming collisions.

With NoPileups, you can:

  • Wash more cars
  • Improve your reputation and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce labor costs and turnover
  • Improve overall performance

Learn more about NoPileups

drb tcs2 tunnel controllerTunnel Control Station 2 (TCS2)

The TCS2 is a state-of-the-art relay station that runs the TunnelWatch software. The latest version was designed to harness the power of TunnelWatch 5 with an integrated, touchscreen that allows you to view the Quick Status Screen easily from the tunnel.

  • Smaller footprint with expanded capacity – 6-function cards allow for 72 relays per enclosure
  • Up to 16 inputs per TCS2 station
  • Fan and vents to help maintain temperature
  • Individually fused relays, making it easier to diagnose and correct problems
  • Ethernet interface and removable wiring blocks for easier wiring and connections
  • Punchouts (with covers) for conduit eliminates the need for drilling holes
  • Hinged door for easy removal
  • Enhanced integrated stop/start circuitry, allowing you to quickly determine which stop button was pressed