Streamline C-Store Car Wash Transactions

The C-Start was designed to simplify car wash transactions. The cashless unit works with in-bay automatic or conveyor car wash systems. It’s a smart and efficient choice for petroleum market operators.

A Canadian version of the C-Start is also available. 

View C-Start Brochure
View C-Start for Canada Brochure

Car wash customer reaching out to use pay station, demonstrating ease of use

Delivers Ease-of-Use
Wash and pricing options are presented on a single screen, making C-Start easy for customers to understand and operate.

closeup picture of credit card indicating that the C-Start is a cashless unit

Eliminates Cash Payments
C-Start removes the hassles associated with cash payments and makes washes less vulnerable to theft.

cash and spreadsheets to represent how a cashless car wash pay station can increase ticket averages

Increases Ticket Averages 
Credit customers are less price-sensitive, making them more likely to splurge for higher-level washes and add-ons.


12-inch Touchscreen
The user-friendly interface displays wash and pricing options on a single screen, making it easy for customers to make quick decisions about which wash they wish to purchase.

Cashless Payment Options
C-Start processes credit cards in seconds with an internet-based credit card clearing system. It also offers EMV and contactless solutions and accepts wash codes. 

Remote Management
Allows remote management and monitoring of the C-Start with automatic alerts and reports that provide off-site access to business data.

Marketing Options
Runs customized marketing promotions and video advertisements. An enhanced marketing package is also available, offering 100,000+ house accounts that can be used for loyalty, prepaid, fleet or subscription wash programs.

Outdoor Protection
Features an integrated heater and two outdoor-rated 5W speakers.

Optional Features

  • Ultrasonic proximity sensor starts messaging when vehicles drive up
  • Enhanced marketing package for VIP Wash Pass® cards and house account applications with multi-site redemption
  • POS Interface allows car wash codes to be sold at the gas dispensers or in the C-Store
  • Line conditioner and surge suppressor
  • EMV and contactless payment solutions
  • 2D barcode imager
  • ReachFree ID subscription-based account system
  • Flexible credit processing options allowing a variety of processors


Our Custom Overlay program allows washes to use payment stations as a branding opportunity. The program is available for all Unitec systems, both new and in the field. 

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