A Powerful Point-of-Sale Solution for Managing
Your Car Wash Business

SiteWatch® is a Windows-based car wash point-of-sale (POS) solution. Trusted by more top 50 car wash chains than any car wash POS, SiteWatch introduced the market to unlimited plans. It can support up to 64 stations per car wash site and is designed to meet the demands of any car wash business, from the single-site wash to the multi-profit center chain, from express to full-service.

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Secure Weather-Proof Revenue
With unlimited monthly wash plans, you generate monthly income, regardless of weather and other conditions that might impact car counts. SiteWatch powers the tools you need to effectively set up and maintain your plan.

Easily Access Business Data
SiteWatch provides robust web-based reporting to provide you with 24/7/365 access to your information. From at-a-glance dashboards to detailed reports, SiteWatch gives you the data insights you need to optimize your business.

Enhance Customer Experience
SiteWatch facilitates the speed and convenience your customers want and expect. From contactless transactions to online shopping, SiteWatch provides the customer experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Increase Sales and Loyalty
SiteWatch supports your marketing efforts to draw in new customers and encourage customer loyalty. Easily generate coupons, sell washes through partner businesses, reward frequent customers and more.

Streamline Your Entire Business
SiteWatch is the spinal cord of your whole business. It allows you to centrally manage car washes, quick lubes and other profit centers. You can share sales, labor and customer history data across sites securely online.

Minimize Downtime
You're only making money if your wash is up and running. SiteWatch features a dedicated server and uninterrupted power supply to minimize downtime. If you do have an issue, our Knowledge Center is there to resolve it quickly.

Read how Cheetah Clean Car Wash accelerated their growth with SiteWatch.

SiteWatch Core Features

Besides just processing car wash transactions, SiteWatch comes standard with the following features.

Labor Management
Provides an employee time clock for any position, allowing you to track labor hours and cost. You can also precisely control employee access to information and functions within your SiteWatch system.

Inventory Management
Controls inventory using a barcode reader with capacity for up to 64 million items.

Alerts & Bulletins
Delivers instant feedback, either on-site or off, with key sales, labor and warning information.

Sitewatch Web Reporting
Offers exportable, web-based reports with powerful sorting and filtering options so you can get the information when you want it, the way you want it. Learn More

Allows you to see key business statistics at a glance wherever you are through your web browser or as a phone app. Included with your SiteWatch Rapid Response Annual Support membership.  Learn More 

Add-On Modules and Products

Optimize your SiteWatch system with these powerful add-ons.

Xpress Pay Terminal ® (XPT®)
Our convenient self-pay terminal that increases productivity, saves time and allows customers to control their own transactions. Learn More

Automatic Recharge Module® (ARM®
Renews wash plans by automatically charging members’ credit cards monthly, eliminating inconvenient and fraud-prone manual transactions. ARM also prevents pass sharing by tying each monthly pass to a specific vehicle license plate or tamper-resistant RFID tag.

Vehicle Identification
DRB offers two ways to identify vehicles for any type of loyalty plan, including monthly wash plans, loyalty membership clubs and house accounts: FastID™ license plate recognition and FastPass® RFID technology. Learn More

Multi-Site Replication
Allows you to centrally manage multiple locations by quickly and securely transferring information between all of your locations, making plans and prepaids redeemable chain-wide. 

DRB Website Connect™ and DRB Mobile Connect™
Sell wash plans and prepaids even when your wash is closed. Website Connect adds an e-commerce component to your website, while Mobile Connect is a mobile app that allows customers to make purchases from their phone. Purchases made from both transfer directly to your SiteWatch system. Learn More

Our SmartCodes module allows you to generate barcodes and QR codes that can be used for coupons or prepaids that can then be sent to customers via email or social media. Learn More

Wash Code at Pump (WashCAP)
The WashCAP module allows you to sell washes at your gas pumps or even partner gas stations not owned by you. These washes can be tracked, redeemed, managed and controlled with SiteWatch.

Loyalty Promotion Module
Keep customers coming back for more with the Loyalty Promotion Module, which tracks and rewards frequent visitors.

Prepaids and Washbooks Control Module
This module allows you to activate, reload and track prepaids and washbooks which can then be redeemed at any of your locations.

Quick Lube Pro
Quick Lube Pro allows you to easily manage your quick lube chain. This module quickly shares data between all sites. Features include suggestive selling, intelligent receipt messaging and on-screen Chek-Chart® engine and chassis diagrams.

Quickbooks Interface
Saves time and reduces errors by connecting SiteWatch with your general ledger and house accounts.


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