Manage Vehicles with a Convenient Touchscreen

CarPics Touch makes car wash line management easy. It photographs vehicles at the point-of-sale and displays them on a touchscreen at the tunnel entrance. With the touch of a finger, attendants can adjust queue positions, select retracts and send extra rollers.

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car going through car wash tunnel showing how CarPics reduces downtime

Boost Productivity 
CarPics speeds up loaders’ workflow by notifying them ahead of time of hand-applied services purchased. It also allows you to monitor and adjust prep time during peak volume periods.

car wash attendant uses CarPic's touchscreen interface

Increase Accuracy
CarPics makes it easy to see that the right services are applied to the right car and allows attendants to quickly make corrections and adjustments.

CarPics displays pictures from members' last visit so attendants can confirm they are using their plan on only one vehicle

Reduce Fraud
By comparing pictures from previous visits, you can more easily catch people attempting to redeem a raincheck or unlimited plan for a different vehicle than the one with which it was associated.

Learn how Star Wash keeps its line moving quickly on busy days with CarPics Touch


Service badges graphically show what services a vehicle needs for prepping. There are also badges that highlight unlimited plan members and display their name so team members can personally greet them.

Track the duration of each step of the wash process (transaction, prep time and wait time). Colors warn staff if times exceed the target range so they can adjust processes to expedite services.

XPT® Screen View
Determine if customers need help at the pay station by viewing transaction time and how customers are navigating your screen flow.

TC Mode
Loads or opens the terminal controller (TC) on the CarPics display screen so the screen can be used as a traditional SiteWatch terminal.

Tablet Picture Queuing
Allows sites without XPTs to queue vehicles at the tunnel entrance using photos of the vehicles taken with a Tablet Touchscreen Terminal. This feature allows employees in the presell position to capture pictures of vehicles with a TTT and associate them with a sale.

CarPics Aftercare

Manage aftercare services with efficiency with CarPics Aftercare, an optional add-on to CarPics. Situated in the aftercare area, the CarPics Aftercare display shows the vehicles waiting for detail or aftercare services. Like the CarPics display at the tunnel entrance, it displays badges indicating which services are needed and timers to help direct attendants’ attention to cars not yet serviced.