Marketing Powered by Data

Catalyst is the only platform you need for powerful, personalized car wash marketing. Synced directly with Patheon®, Catalyst allows you to build, manage and analyze highly targeted marketing campaigns that decrease churn, increase customer lifetime value and drive revenue. 

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Run Targeted, Data-Backed Campaigns
Plan your marketing efforts based on data rather than guesswork. By using real-time customer behavior and interaction information from Patheon, you can craft highly targeted campaigns that boost revenue and customer value.

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Enjoy Easy Integration 
Integrating a marketing platform with your POS system can be a headache. Not with Catalyst, which is synced directly with Patheon so you know your information is accurate anywhere you look.

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Centralize Marketing Management 
If you have multiple platforms to handle text messaging, email marketing and other marketing efforts you know it's not only expensive but time-consuming. Catalyst puts all of your marketing activities in one place.

Catalyst Key Features

Catalyst is a web-based, self-serve marketing platform that provides:  

Highly Targeted Segments 
Target and personalize messages to customers based on their visit data, purchase history, membership status, promotional activity and more. 

Logic-Based Automated Flows 
Create logic-based drip campaigns based on customer behaviors and interactions, such as a barcode redemption, purchase or visit to the wash. 

User-Friendly Message Builder
Craft branded and engaging email and SMS text campaigns with no coding or technical experience needed.  

Campaign Analytics & Reporting
Review in-depth metrics on your marketing campaigns to analyze their impact and effectiveness. 

Automatic Data Sync
Data is automatically synced from Patheon to Catalyst, so your marketing platform is always up to date with the latest customer information and behaviors. 

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