Increase Throughput, Wash Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Manage all aspects of your car wash queue from a user-friendly interface, architected with the tunnel loader experience in mind. 

It all comes to life on a durable touchscreen color video screen at your tunnel entrance that shows images of each car waiting in the queue. Why is that so exciting? Because, from this screen, loaders can adjust queue positions and send vehicle with the touch of a finger.
diagram of the touch queuing screen for patheon

Additionally, they can: 

  • Monitor customer wait time and adjust prep time accordingly
  • View customers' progress and transaction time at the XPT® pay stations 
  • Add, edit and view Customer Note Alerts
  • Get early notification of hand-applied services purchased
  • Easily determine that memberships are being used by the correct vehicle

Touch Queuing is also instrumental in increasing your tunnel’s accuracy and customer experience. You can document existing damage and save retracts that you can reference on the customer’s next visit to enhance wash quality.

screenshot of the damage documentation feature in Patheon's touch queuing interface

In short, Patheon’s Touch Queueing helps you run a more streamlined tunnel that delights customers with a customized wash and fast service.

Touch Queueing is included in Patheon’s Tunnel Base Package.

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