About Procurement

DRB seeks qualified firms to supply needed goods and services. We realize that a large pool of suppliers is key to providing our internal and external customers with reliable and dependable service. 

We are committed to purchasing the right goods and services at the right price while meeting the requirements of DRB internal and external customers.

Becoming a Vendor

The Procurement Department is responsible for establishing guidelines for the purchase of goods and/or services for the ongoing operations of DRB. The Procurement Department also assists user departments in identifying, selecting and acquiring needed goods and services in a timely, consistent, efficient, and economical manner (according to applicable laws).

Vendor Requirements

For a new vendor, DRB requires the following items to become an approved vendor:

Contacting DRB Procurement Department

DRB Systems, LLC
Attn: Procurement Department
3245 Pickle Rd.
Akron, OH 44312
Email: Purchasing@DRBSystems.com Phone: 330-645-4200