Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Whether you’re new to the industry or have been in business for years, PrecisionPricing helps you optimize your retail and membership pricing to maximize profitability. Our unparalleled access to industry data and our deep experience in working with hundreds of clients around the country means we are the experts in car wash menu pricing. Our pricing model is customized to your business and your customer base–no playing follow the leader with your competitor. 

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PrecisionPricing Average Returns


Retail Ticket Increase


Member Ticket Increase


Year 1 Revenue Increase

How It Works

We use a proprietary analytical modeling tool that optimizes prices based on economics, statistics and math and then layers in behavioral economics principles that predict how real human beings will behave. The result is a recommended pricing structure that will lead to higher ticket averages and member conversion.

graphic displaying how the PrecisionPricing car wash pricing model works

Rethink Your Pricing

PrecisionPricing evaluates your current prices and shows exactly how to adjust them to maximize ticket averages. See expected increases for retail and membership ticket averages, plus a projected annualized revenue increase, to understand the upside before you commit to the price change.

table displaying increases for retail and membership ticket averages when car wash prices are adjusted using PrecisionPricing

What's Included

  • A breakdown of your current distributions and ticket averages
  • New pricing recommendations for retail and membership
  • A predicted ticket average increase for retail and membership
  • Projected distributions for retail and membership
  • A projected top line revenue increase for one year

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What's Next?

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