Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue

DRB offers two technologies that allow your car wash to identify customer vehicles: FastID™ License Plate Recognition (LPR) and FastPass® RFID technology.

Experience the best of both worlds with TotalID, which includes both FastID and FastPass to leverage the strengths of both systems.

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Grow Plan Membership

Our solutions provide a convenient, contactless way to redeem memberships that will drive more customers to join your unlimited wash plan.

car speeding through car wash lane

Speed Up Transactions

We utilize the most advanced technology to ensure accurate, reliable results so you can keep your line moving and increase tunnel capacity.

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Boost Marketing Efforts

Our vehicle identification solutions provide new marketing opportunities that allow you to interact with customers like never before.

FastID™ License Plate Recognition

Our car wash LPR solution is the next revolution in washing cars. With FastID, you can identify every vehicle  that has a clear, readable plate, not just wash plan or fleet account members. This offers unprecedented marketing opportunities while delivering a personalized, friction-free customer experience. 

Customized Promotions 

drb fastid lpr Serve up personalized marketing messages based on customer history, such as:

  • 10th wash free
  • Free birthday wash
  • Discounts on higher level wash than customer previously purchased
  • Discounts for returning within a certain amount of time

Increase Retail-to-Plan Conversions

FastID identifies frequent customers, allowing you to serve up personalized messages about the value of unlimited monthly wash plans. 

Self-Service Signup

Customers can sign up for unlimited wash plans themselves from the Xpress Pay Terminal® (XPT®), as well as on your website via DRB Website Connect™ or on your DRB Mobile Connect™ phone app where they can enter their license plate number for a truly contactless transaction. 

Fast and Accurate

FastID uses the latest technology to ensure optimal speed and accuracy. Unlike most systems that only use optical imaging, FastID combines optical with Infrared (IR) imaging to ensure accurate readings even in the most difficult environments (poor lighting, headlights, taillights, etc.).

You can also utilize one or both of FastID’s whitelisting options to further increase expediency when the license plate number read by the cameras isn’t identified as an exact match.  Note: the use of these options may increase the number of false-positive matches when an incorrect customer code is located from a license plate read.  

Smart Whitelisting:  When no exact match is found for the plate read by FastID, the system attempts to find a match by substituting commonly misread characters and then checking for a matching customer code in SiteWatch®.

Aggressive Whitelisting:  When no exact match is found for the plate supplied by FastID, and a smart match is not made (either because it cannot be found or is not enabled), the system attempts to find a match by checking customer codes in the SiteWatch database that have any one character different from being an exact match.

FastID is unavailable for sites located in Arkansas, Maine and New Hampshire.

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FastPass® RFID 

Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, FastPass scans tags on loyalty plan member vehicles and automatically allows them through the gate. This technology works in conjunction with SiteWatch POS and the Xpress Pay Terminal (XPT). It can be used for plan members, club members, house account vehicles or any other customer who has prepaid. 

drb fast pass reader at a car washQuick transactions

Identifies and accepts members within two seconds – an industry best. FastPass also boasts a 99% accuracy read rate. 


Customize RFID tags to match the look of your wash so customers’ vehicles are always spreading awareness for your wash.  

Prevent fraud

Tamper-resistant tags prevent customers from switching them between vehicles.

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How It Works

Diagram illustrating how DRB's RFID solution FastPass works

Place a small RFID tag on the customer's vehicle. Choose between interior or exterior tags.

See tag options

As a car approaches the Xpress Pay Terminal a reader quickly scans the tag. SiteWatch then assures that the car is eligible and determines the type of service the car is to receive.


After the tag is read, the gate goes up and the car is placed in the queue for processing into the tunnel.