Modern, Cloud-Based Point-of-Sale 

Whether you’re on site every day or only visit occasionally, Washify is a modern car wash POS system with excellent capabilities for unattended/in-bay automatic car washes. Washify is a cloud-based POS that provides remote monitoring and powerful marketing tools. These features are important building blocks for growing your business without on-site staff.   

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Build Recurring Revenue
Offering monthly wash plans can be difficult for unattended washes. With Washify, customers can sign up at the kiosk without staff involvement, and License Plate Recognition (LPR) allows seamless entry to the wash. 

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Sell Washes at the Pump
Washify allows you to sell washes at your own pumps or at a nearby gas station with which you partner. Customers receive a unique code at the pump they can then scan at the car wash pay station to enter the bay. 

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Promote Your Car Wash
Washify helps you keep your wash at the top of customers’ minds with a number of marketing tools, including SMS text messaging, email marketing, mobile apps and website e-commerce. 

Available Features

Reporting and Analytics
Monitor key metrics, such as hourly car count, and access marketing data and insights on customer behaviors. Reports are customizable and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Build and improve customer relationships with Washify’s CRM. The CRM offers a centralized location for tracking customer transactions, documenting service issues, storing customer data, targeting sales opportunities, managing loyalty programs and more. 

Fleet Account Management
Customize discount amounts, add-ons and methods on a per-client basis. 

Gas Pump Integration
Sell washes at your gas pump or even at partner gas stations not owned by you.  

Inventory Management 
Automatically tracks inventory to reduce human error, save time and provide real-time inventory data. 

Monthly Wash Membership Program Management

Washify makes your monthly wash membership program easy for both you and your customers. The system provides easy, self-serve enrollment and plan management. Customers can join your membership program by enrolling on your website, a mobile app or while using your pay station. Washify also automates monthly plan renewals.

Vehicle Identification
We offer vehicle recognition via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and License Plate Recognition (LPR). LPR, which recognizes member vehicles by scanning their license plates, is ideal for unattended washes that don’t have staff on-site to affix RFID tags to car windshields. It’s also a great marketing tool, helping you gather information on members and non-members alike so you can deliver targeted marketing messages based on purchase history.  

Automatic Credit Card Updater
Increase member retention with this service that checks your credit card database every three days to make sure all cards on file are up to date. When a card expires, the issuing bank is automatically contacted to capture the new card information. Accounts are updated without any work for you or your customers. 

Powerful Marketing Tools

Washify customers can add integrated marketing tools that make it easy to promote your business and keep your car wash top of mind with your customers.

Android / iPhone App
Create a better customer experience and sell more washes with our mobile app for car washes. Customers can even sign up for your monthly wash plan using the app. 

E-Commerce Plugins
Your website should integrate with your POS and boost sales. Washify provides you with e-commerce plugins so you can sell memberships, gift cards and wash books online.  

Email Marketing
Automatically send customers emails based on past purchases or create an email blast to your customer base. Access a robust library of email templates updated monthly. Connect to your customer database using Washify’s dashboard. 

Marketing Automation
Easily create campaigns to keep your customers engaged through emails, texts and push notifications. 

Washify Hardware 

Our hardware includes the X Station pay station with a screen that adjusts to vehicle height, ideal for the unattended, IBA environment. The X Station, in addition to the rest of our hardware offerings, provides the innovation, convenience and efficiency you need to enhance the customer experience and optimize your car wash operations. 

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