Innovation, Convenience and Efficiency

Our range of innovative hardware offerings is designed to enhance the customer experience and optimize your car wash operations. Explore a new era of convenience and efficiency with Washify point-of-sale hardware.

Washify X Station

Washify’s X Station is a unique take on the car wash pay station that adjusts to vehicle height and boasts the largest, brightest screen in the industry. X Station allows you to accept cash or go cashless. You can also integrate license plate recognition to streamline your unlimited program with a quick sign-up process and faster membership validation.

  • Water repellant
  • Custom wrapping available to match company branding 
  • Smart Payout feature recycles bills and reduces the amount of change needed in unit.
  • Full HVAC system within the X Station reduces internal humidity to extend unit’s life
  • Notifications for when cash is running high or low

POS Terminal

washify pos terminal in useToday’s POS (point-of-sale) terminals are much more streamlined and sophisticated than historical cash registers or coin-op systems. More than simple payment processing, our POS terminal:

  • Accepts EMV chip, NFC (tap-to-pay), magnetic stripe and online payments
  • Allows customers to choose printed, digital or no receipt
  • Provides discounts
  • Issues refunds
  • Calculates taxes
  • Creates invoices
  • Handles recurring payments for memberships and fleet accounts
  • Makes training easy with its simple user experience
  • Is durable and reliable

Washify Xelerator

hand holding a washify xelerator tablet Washify’s Xelerator tablets allow you to walk the line to quickly run transactions and better interact with customers, helping you more easily turn them into members.

The Xelerator tablets come in three formats: the Xelerator 5 is a lightweight device built for mobility, the Xelerator 5+ includes a printer and laser scanner, and the Xelerator 8 is a larger tablet that can connect with a cash drawer. 

  • Run transactions quickly with a built-in scanner, credit card reader, two cameras and an optional receipt printer
  • Pre-sell single washes, sell wash books, sign up unlimited members and more
  • Accept EMV payments without carrying additional hardware 
  • Allow employees to clock in / clock out, schedule a detail or pull up an invoice
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