Experience You Can Trust for IBA Car Wash Growth

Formerly known as Unitec®, DRB In-Bay Solutions has been serving the unattended and C-Store car wash industry since 1983. We have built a reputation for innovative technology, unparalleled customer service and the rock-solid point-of-sale hardware that still bears the Unitec name. We empower car wash operators, C-Stores, distributors and manufacturers to drive ROI. Whether you’re just starting your car wash journey or trying to take your unattended car wash to the next level, DRB In-Bay Solutions is here.

man in blue shirt typing on a laptop

IBA Point-of-Sale Software

DRB is uniquely capable of helping an IBA car wash grow. Beyond processing car wash transactions, our solutions provide multiple ways to lock in customer loyalty and increase revenue.

Sierra POS

Beacon Mobile Customized Apps

car wash customer reaching out to use a DRB pay station built by Unitec

IBA Point-of-Sale Hardware

DRB In-Bay Solutions proudly manufactures the Unitec brand of car wash point-of-sale hardware in the United States. Our pay stations are known for being rugged and reliable, ensuring consistent uptime.

IBA Point-of-Sale Hardware