From Car Wash Payment Terminals to Kiosks, POS Hardware Solutions That Support Your Revenue Goals  

You’ve worked hard to create an amazing car wash experience for your customers. Make sure the payment process furthers that positive experience by being simple and easy. Eliminating hurdles and creating a seamless payment experience can boost customer satisfaction. In other words, when your clients are delighted by the payment experience, all that work really pays off.  

A hassle-free experience can also build trust and credibility by showing customers that you value their time – and value their repeat business. Prioritizing customer convenience at the transaction stage can become a true competitive advantage.     

How do you do that? Select the DRB® payment system that works best for your business. These hardware options are compatible with DRB’s POS software: SiteWatch® car wash POS software or the new Patheon® platform.

POS Hardware, Cashier Terminals and Self-Serve Car Wash Payment Systems 

Your car wash is likely to attract customers who want to in a variety of ways – cash, credit card, gift card, EMV chip card processing or digitally with Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or a similar method. To provide a seamless payment experience that drives customer loyalty, you should do your best to accommodate as many methods as possible. 

Today’s car wash payment processing technology can do much of that heavy lifting, and DRB offers a variety of car wash payment systems and point-of-sale hardware solutions that support those business goals. 

Xpress Pay Terminal® 5+ Boosts Car Wash Throughput & Customer Satisfaction 

focus on a car wash pay station in a line with other lanes in the backgroundXPT® 5+ is the latest version of our convenient, self-serve car wash pay station for use with our point-of-sale (POS) software solutions. It allows you to run more cars through your tunnel (up to 80 per hour per XPT) and manage labor costs more efficiently by making your greeter positions more productive. Meanwhile, on-the-go customers will enjoy shorter lines and the convenience of self-pay and car wash contactless payment.

It also works with DRB’s car wash vehicle identification systems which support your unlimited car wash plans and other loyalty programs.

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Cashier Terminals

Regardless of your workflow or environment, you can find a cashier terminal to streamline your processes. These all-in-one, touchscreen units allow you to customize items and how they are displayed on the screen. They can be used with both SiteWatch and Patheon.


Designed for full-service cashiers, with a slim folding base design and a customer-facing display that allows customers to view their transactions, limiting mistakes.

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Black car driving up beside a drb outdoor touch terminal at a car wash

Outdoor Touch

Built for extreme conditions, the Outdoor Touch Terminal features an aluminum body and stainless-steel enclosure. Its sealing is rated (IP65) for outdoor use with an operating temperature and range 4-140° F (-10- 60° C).

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car wash attendant scanning a customer's cell phone with drb's tablet touchscreen terminal

Tablet Touchscreen Terminal™
Complete transactions at customers' vehicles with this all-weather, touchscreen terminal. Great for washes converting from full-service to express and to limit customer touchpoints.

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drb pc terminal for car wash staff positions


The PC Terminal provides a component-based alternative to the Touchscreen Terminal. Ideal for staff positions, such as lube bays, customized cashier stations, detail shops, etc.

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Manager Workstation

This is the perfect terminal for your back office, allowing you to manage your wash effectively with our POS software options. From this terminal, you can view reports, manually add member information, change wash prices and configurations, manage labor and process transactions.

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drb representative helps car wash operator on the manager workstation