Increase Car Wash Throughput & Customer Satisfaction 

The Xpress Pay Terminal® (XPT®) 5+ is the latest version of our innovative car wash pay station, working with both our traditional SiteWatch® point-of-sale system and the new Patheon®  platform. It allows you to run more cars through your tunnel (up to 80 per hour per XPT) and manage labor costs more efficiently by making your greeter positions more productive. Meanwhile, on-the-go customers will enjoy shorter lines and the convenience of self-pay.

The XPT 5+ works for exterior, flex and full-service car wash tunnels – anywhere you want customers to self-pay. Up to eight XPTs are supported per site.

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Enhance Your Marketing Efforts
The XPT 5+ helps you sell your monthly unlimited wash plans, promote specials and reinforce your wash’s branding.

Vehicles stuck in traffic on a curve in the road beside a snowy forest

Protect Your Investment & Information
Weather-resistant, secure and strong, XPT 5+ stands the test of time. Its solid-state memory backup also keeps your information safe. 

Car going through car wash tunnel showing how the XPT car wash pay station enhances throughput

Limit Downtime and Hassle
XPT 5+ was created with serviceability and supportability in mind. Diagnose issues in 10 minutes or less and replace parts in 45 minutes or less.


As user-friendly as ever, the touchscreen on this version of the XPT is a larger, 15” optically bonded display.

Marketing Support
Facilitates marketing efforts by selling unlimited plans and prepaids, displaying customized messaging and redeeming offers.

Payment Handling
Accepts numerous forms of payments, including credit cards, cash, coins, prepaids, barcodes/Smartcodes®, etc. Quick and secure credit card processing with EMV is available. Optional local approval mode (for magnetic stripes) or Store & Forward (for EMV) allows transaction processing during internet failures.

Security Features
Includes multiple locking points with cash secured behind a separately locked door. XPT 5+ also features an ultra-tight bill validator, break-in resistant glass and a built-in alarm and camera. It’s anchored by multiple steel tubes in concrete and has a steel plate enclosure. Its solid-state memory backup keeps your information safe, as well.

Serviceability and Supportability
Designed so you can easily identify connector locations, eliminating incorrect connections. It's also easy to view internal components with battery backed-up LED lights inside. Bill acceptor and firmware updates are performed remotely, and you can receive alerts about any potential issues with your XPTs.


Standard XPT with plastic shroud and MSR: 32” H x 27.5”W x 22.5”D


Completely brand your XPT with customizable decals and base wraps to match your logo. See sample designs.

XPT Installation Manual

XPT Hardware Service Manual