Car Wash Success Through Innovative Tunnel & POS Solutions

pos and tunnel car wash technologyEstablished in 1984, DRB Tunnel Solutions is trusted by more top 50 conveyor car wash chains than all other technology providers combined. Anchored in our history of providing innovative tunnel and point-of-sale (POS) solutions to the conveyorized car wash industry, our focus is on forging paths for car wash operators to grow and thrive. Our secure, state-of-the-art software and hardware is backed by our best-in-class Knowledge Center which offers 24/7/365 technical support.

Which Conveyor Car Wash POS Solution is Best for You?

DRB supports three point-of-sale car wash management solutions: Patheon®, SiteWatch® and Washify. Each software platform is designed to go beyond the mere transactional to improve your business processes. 


More than a POS platform, Patheon can revolutionize your operations, help you ramp your investments quickly and grow revenue, all while providing an elevated consumer experience. From smart widgets that guide you to make changes on the fly, to built-in churn prevention tools and the insights that drive informed business decisions, Patheon was designed so you can do more from day one. 

It does this by leveraging browser-based, hybrid-cloud architecture, which combines the best of both on-premises technology and a cloud-based solution. Patheon’s browser-based application architecture allows the software solution to offer users a robust suite of integrated business solutions. As a Patheon customer, you have access to the Patheon Portal and POS applications. Benefits include:

  • Keeps your sites operational during internet outages or periods of latency*  
  • Enables fast upgrades and application deployments
  • Supports seamless software integrations
  • Provides robust data collection and analysis

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SiteWatch is a Windows-based car wash POS solution that introduced unlimited plans to the market. It can support up to 64 pay stations per car wash site and is designed to meet the demands of any car wash business, from the single-site wash to the multi-profit center chain and from express to full-service.

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Washify is the entry-level point-of-sale solution for single-site or small car wash business. Washify offers a cloud-based system that will automate your wash, reduce overhead, increase recurring sales and take away the pain of daily tasks and help you focus on what’s important – growing your business!

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Tunnel Car Wash Hardware

From pay stations to back-office solutions, we offer car wash POS hardware options that are secure, simple to service and easy to use.

Patheon and SiteWatch Hardware

Washify Hardware

"Without a doubt, we couldn’t be where we are today without the guidance and wisdom of DRB."

- Brian Krusz, Owner, Sgt. Clean’s Car Wash

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Business Optimization

We can help you further improve your car wash operations with workforce management software, support and training.

The Knowledge Center Technical Support

On-Site Installation & Training

Car Wash Tunnel Management

Unleash the hidden potential of your car wash tunnel with our innovative tunnel management solutions. Our technology gives you unprecedented control over your tunnel, allowing you to increase your capacity and throughput, boost efficiencies and control costs, all while providing the best possible customer experience.

Touch Queueing for Patheon

CarPics® for SiteWatch



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