Considering Switch to Patheon? Time to Shine Says “Jump Now!”

April 11, 2024


Time to Shine’s philosophy is simple: Love your customers, love your team. That’s why they’ve invested heavily in high-quality equipment and technology while maintaining a culture of continuous improvement and a steadfast commitment to customer service. 

Chase Cursey joined the Time to Shine team about a year ago, helping the company grow to 13 locations across South Carolina and Oklahoma. Like any successful business, Time to Shine experienced some growing pains, but they overcame them, thanks in large part to their partnership with DRB® and the Patheon® point-of-sale system. 

The Challenge 

Time to Shine had been using DRB's SiteWatch® point-of-sale system since they opened in 2009. However, as the business continued to scale, the limitations of SiteWatch became increasingly apparent. The system made it difficult to make timely changes to pricing, promotions and customer-facing interfaces. Training new employees on the complex SiteWatch platform was also a major time and resource drain.  

The Time to Shine team knew they needed a more modern, flexible and user-friendly solution. They turned to DRB, their long-time technology partner, to see if their new Patheon POS platform could meet these needs. 

The Solution 

The Time to Shine team was immediately impressed by Patheon’s intuitive interface, real-time insights and the ability to make changes across the organization on the fly. They decided that Patheon was the way forward.  

The team braced itself for a painful transition from SiteWatch to Patheon but found it to be remarkably smooth with minimal disruption to the business.  

"Our members barely noticed a difference," Cursey added. “Never noticed a change, and just saw a smiling face on the day that we turned off SiteWatch, and a smiling face the day we turned on Patheon.”

The Results 

Since implementing Patheon, Time to Shine has experienced significant improvements across their business. Copy_of_SUDS_car_wash_marketing_testimonial.jpg

“We love Patheon, and it works extremely well for us,” Cursey said. “We are able to process cars and memberships fast and easy. We're able to train our team members with really no hiccups.
Patheon has become much more user friendly than Site Watch ever was.” 

Specifically, Time to Shine has enjoyed the following benefits of Patheon: 

Smoother Customer Experience 

Always looking to improve the customer experience, Time to Shine loved Patheon’s ability to streamline workflows, reducing friction for members and boosting their overall satisfaction. 

Faster Deployment of Promotions 

The ability to quickly update pricing and promotions without DRB’s assistance has allowed Time to Shine to be more responsive to market conditions and customer demands. 

“Some other businesses in our areas can’t do that as easily,” Cursey said. “We can make pricing changes and within 15 minutes, we’re able to roll that out at all 13 sites in two states across the country with really no hiccups at all.” 

Enhanced Operational Efficiency 

Patheon's user-friendly design has reduced training times and enabled the team to operate more productively. 

"Patheon is so much more user-friendly for our team. Cursey said. “Our employees were able to be fully trained on the system in just about a week, compared to the months it took with SiteWatch."   

Stronger, Data-Driven Decision Making 

Patheon Insights makes it quick and easy to pull data on membership growth, plan percentages and more that inform their business decisions. 

“Patheon offers us a lot of insight into what our stores are doing, and where we’re seeing profit, where we aren’t,” Cursey said. “We have multiple stores that we're not able to get to every single day. Patheon allows us to see what was going on, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, and be able to track that, and make adjustments to our staffing, to our team, even to our pricing and our stream flows to match that.” 

Ongoing Partnership 

Time to Shine has an eye on continued growth, but more than anything, they want to continue washing cars and having fun doing it. Through it all, they know DRB and Patheon will be supporting them. 

"DRB has been a fantastic partner through this transition,” Cursey said. “They've been incredibly responsive and flexible, working closely with us to make Patheon work for our unique needs. I would highly recommend any car wash operator consider making the switch to Patheon - It's been a total game-changer for our business." 

“If another customer was thinking about switching to Patheon, I would tell them to jump now,” he added. 


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