Fostering Customer Loyalty & Convenience

To stay relevant and competitive, you must meet your customers where they are. More people today prefer to engage and shop using their mobile devices. With Patheon, you can allow them to do this by adding our Essential Web Application (EWA). 

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The EWA is Patheon’s Progressive Web Application (PWA), combining the features of a modern browser with the benefits of a mobile e-commerce experience. While the EWA runs off a web browser like a regular website, it looks and acts like a mobile app. A customer can simply save your EWA site to their mobile device’s home screen and use it like any other app. 

Benefits include:

  • Seamless adjustment to smartphones, tablets and desktops
  • URL sharing
  • Data caching in the background, ensuring smooth animation and minimal load times
  • Ability to be embedded on your business website and optimized for SEO if desired

The EWA is ideal for converting customers from an online promotion or campaign because you can link to it from social media, emails, QR codes, etc.

EWA Pay-As-You-Go

Patheon’s EWA Pay-As-You-Go (EWA PAYG) feature provides the convenience of a wash membership without the commitment of a monthly recurring charge.

With EWA PAYG, customers can store their credit card information and designate their preferred wash. When they arrive at the wash, their vehicle is identified by RFID or license plate recognition. They are then automatically charged for their preferred wash and let through the gate. This allows them to enjoy the plan member experience without a plan membership.

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