Fast ROI and Lasting Growth

By itself, Patheon is a powerful tool to maximize car wash revenue. Adding SUDS products and services allows you to get even more out of your car wash investment to accelerate ROI and multiply your profits. As DRB®’s analytics, software and design-driven car wash marketing team, SUDS has bundled packages available to meet your unique needs.

Patheon Optimizer 

For car wash owners converting to Patheon, Patheon Optimizer is a solution that will drive revenue and membership growth, allowing for a faster return on investment and sustainable growth.   

Patheon Optimizer includes:

PrecisionPricing Analysis  

Our data analysts provide an in-depth analysis of your retail and membership pricing to determine how it could be optimized to drive additional revenue. Learn more about PrecisionPricing 

Optimized Menu & XPT® Screen Design  

A team of design experts uses consumer psychology principles to optimize your visuals to further increase ticket average and member capture.    

Strategic Membership Campaign  

Our marketing experts create and execute a 30-day campaign proven to convert new members and maximize retention.  

Dedicated SUDS Strategic Advisor  

Meet biweekly with a strategic advisor for 90 days to discuss strategies to drive revenue as you launch Patheon. 

New Investor Package 

If you are just getting started in the car wash industry, the New Investor Package will help you ensure a successful start. 

The New Investor Package includes: 


From your car wash name to your logo to your brand colors, our award-winning designers strategically create each element of your brand to maximize the impact you’ll have in your market.  

PrecisionPricing Analysis  

Our data analysts provide an in-depth analysis to determine the optimal retail and membership pricing for your new wash. Additionally, we will optimize your signage to influence consumer behavior, allowing you to achieve your maximum revenue potential.  

Website Design & Development 

Your website may be the first encounter a customer has with your brand. Our strategically designed websites give you a professional online appearance and are tailor-made to optimize car wash consumer behavior.  

Go-To-Market Plan  

Your first 90 days open are critical to your first year’s performance. Our Go-To-Market campaign promotes awareness of your business and drives traffic with a trial offer, then nurtures the leads to increase memberships, building up your monthly recurring revenue.  

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What's Next?

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