Build Recurring Revenue

Patheon® makes it easier than ever to earn recurring revenue with monthly wash plan memberships, allowing operators to make self-service changes to products, plans and promotions in just five minutes. Changes can be pushed down to all sites within 10 seconds.

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Patheon’s Tunnel Base Plan includes all the essentials for wash plan and house/fleet account management, allowing you to:

  • Increase share of wallet with multi-vehicle plans and pricing
  • Implement introductory offers
  • Establish plan usage limits
  • Suspend and reactivate plans
  • Capture phone numbers and electronic signatures at plan signup
  • Store multiple cards on file for easy reactivation and management of plans

Operators can make self-service changes to wash plans in just 5 minutes and push pricing changes down to all sites in 10 seconds, greatly reducing the time and effort required.

Powerful Add-Ons

Vehicle Identification

vehicle driving up to car wash pay station and being recognized by license plate recognition

Add vehicle recognition technology to facilitate a convenient, contactless experience for your members. When a member arrives at the wash, vehicle recognition technology identifies the vehicle as a member’s and automatically allows it through.

Two types of technology are key when it comes to vehicle recognition. They can be used together or separately to identify your plan members:

  • RFID – Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, this system scans a small tag typically placed inside the windshield to identify pass members' vehicles and allow them through the gate to the tunnel. RFID is an option with Patheon.
  • LPR – Using LPR camera technology, this system automatically allows your pass customers through the gate and into the tunnel - no tag needed. License Plate Recognition is an option with Patheon. LPRis unavailable for sites located in Arkansas, Maine and New Hampshire. 
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