Car Wash Chain Grows By Hundreds of Sites With DRB

May 23, 2023

In just four short years, Go Car Wash went from serving one region with 21 sites to becoming a rapidly growing chain with 115 locations in eight regions. Learn how their car wash point-of-sale system by DRB® has supported their ongoing growth.


Brett Meinberg, Chief Operating Officer of GO Car Wash:

When you buy and build 115 locations, there's a lot of learning that goes on.

We've utilized a lot of different point-of-sale providers in the car wash industry. Some of the pain points provided is with the latest technologies and the cloud-based systems, when the internet would go down, we were unable to wash cars. It was very difficult for us to convince our customers of why we were not able to process them just because we didn't have internet. With a DRB system, that pain is not felt because the system works as a hybrid or completely offline. Some other pain points we had was just to access support. DRB makes it very easy to call the support phone number and speak to a technician where other point-of-sale providers asked to call you back and you may or may not get a phone call back. [Music] DRB has been able to be there to help support us. They've never shied away to be able to help us and get back and operating. After 115 locations, we're really excited to do the next hundred with DRB as well and continue to learn.

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