Car Wash Chain Grows By Hundreds of Sites With DRB

May 23, 2023

In just four short years, Go Car Wash went from serving one region with 21 sites to becoming a rapidly growing chain with 115 locations in eight regions. Learn how their car wash point-of-sale system by DRB® has supported their ongoing growth.


Brett Meinberg, Chief Operating Officer of GO Car Wash When you buy and build 115 locations, there's a lot of learning that goes on. We've utilized a lot of different point-of-sale providers in the car wash industry. Some of the pain points provided is with the latest technologies and the cloud-based systems, when the internet would go down, we were unable to wash cars. It was very difficult for us to convince our customers of why we were not able to process them just because we didn't have internet. With a DRB system, that pain is not felt because the system works as a hybrid or completely offline.

Some other pain points we had was just to access support. DRB makes it very easy to call the support phone number and speak to a technician, where other point-of-sale providers asked to call you back, and you may or may not get a phone call back. DRB has been able to be there to help support us they've never shied away to be able to help us and get back in operating.

After 115 locations, we're really excited to do the next hundred with DRB as well and continue to learn. You can do anything you want with DRB. This really allows us to customize each region to the features and benefits we need.

GO Car Wash was founded in early 2019 where we did our first acquisition in Kansas City, Missouri. We quickly grew in that region to 21 locations in about less than a year, and now we're up to eight regions with 115 locations.

The features that were important to us in the DRB system to help support our massive growth is really around the custom ability of the product. It is important for our customers to be able to have a seamless experience at all of our locations. Cross-site usage is an important aspect to all of our memberships.

We currently utilize a plethora of DRB products. We use the full suite from DRB to give our customers the most options while utilizing our car washes. I would say my favorite feature with DRB is having the ability to have all of my numbers in the fingertips right on my phone whether I'm traveling around the country or enjoying a soccer game on the weekend. To make sure I can look at my washes is definitely the coolest feature.

For most of our conversions, we're able to operate with zero downtime. One of the best features that DRB has are their tablets, and so what we did is we bought one setup of the tablets that travel from conversion site to conversion site, and when we're replacing the point-of-sale, we utilize the tablets to continue running our business, which makes for zero downtime.

They also make it really simple and easy for customers to re-swipe their credit card information at the pay station, which has all their information. They choose their new package, and they start washing again. DRB is going to help us support and build hundreds of new locations over the next few years, and we know that with their expertise and professionalism, we know that they're the right partner for us to help support that growth.

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