Session Summaries

Whether you were with us live in Las Vegas or couldn't make it to Beyond Next, we wanted to share with you summaries of the event sessions and the Q & As.

Keynote - Future Proof: How to Thrive in the Next Era of Mobility

Jonathan Brill at Beyond NextJonathan Brill, AI Business Futurist

Jonathan covered several key points related to the impact of AI.  He discussed AI's role in addressing global challenges, including using its efficiencies to create "dramatic automation" in the face of impending labor shortages. Key technologies, such as generative AI, large language models and image generators, are poised to shape the future. Jonathan concluded by underlining the potential of AI to unlock trillion-dollar opportunities and propel humanity to the next level of innovation.

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Mobilizing Tomorrow  

Glen Parkes speaking at Beyond NextSpeaker: Glen Parkes, Entrepreneur in Residence, Vontier

Glen discussed Vontier's appproach to innovation, focusing on problem-solving rather than mere ideation.  Vontier, DRB's parent company, has companies across the mobility ecosystem, providing Vontier with the data to understand drivers' needs beyond the car wash. Glen provided a glimpse into the future where the conventional car wash evolves into a holistic and technologically advanced service, addressing the various needs and concerns of vehicle owners.

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Personalizing Tomorrow 

Speakers: Glen Parkes, Entrepreneur in Residence, Vontier; David Kuchenski, VP of Strategic Product Management, DRB  

Glen and Dave discussed personalization beyond AI and  buzzwords. It's important to offer genuine value, transparency and customer choice, providing effective personalization rather than intrusion. As personalization becomes expected, car washers should be concerned with the blending of digital and physical worlds, AI in vehicle recognition, enhancing post-wash engagement, dynamic pricing and the significance of mobile technologies and pay stations. 

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AI: Transforming the Future  

Robert Steffler speaking at Beyond NextSpeaker: Robert Steffler, Vice President Data & Analytics, Vontier

Robert presented the diverse and impactful ways AI can enhance customer experiences, optimize operations and drive innovation. Steffler shared examples from the retail and fashion industries and potential applications of AI in the car wash industry, emphasizing personalization, dynamic outreach and demand forecasting. AI can further enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency by providing tailored recommendations, optimizing communication channels and predicting customer demand.

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Innovations in People Management for the Next Wave of Talent   

Ashley Fell speaking at Beyond NextSpeaker: Ashely Fell,  social researcher, TEDx speaker and the Director of Advisory at McCrindle Speakers

Ashley addressed generational diversity, focusing on Generation Alpha and Gen Z.  She discussed three key characteristics of these emerging generations in the workforce: 1. Global and digital connectivity; 2. Environmental consciousness; and 3. Visual and social engagement. She provided tips for leading these generations, including fostering accessible leadership, focusing on meaningful work and recognizing achievements. 

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Understanding the Customer Journey in the Mobility Landscape  

customer panel at drb beyond next eventSpeakers: Chris Moriarity, Director, Analytics and Innovation, Vontier; Chris Friesen, President/CEO, Mint Smartwash; Brett Meinberg, COO, GO Car Wash. Moderator: Ian Williams, President, DRB

This  panel contributed valuable insights into creating positive customer experiences. Specifically, they discussed the importance of fostering easy interactions and consistency across locations. The discussion expanded to technology's broader role in enhancing the customer experience. They also dove into customer and employee loyalty,  personalization and AI.  

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Next Steps in Innovation 

Panel on DRB product innovation at Beyond NextSpeakers: David Kuchenski, VP Strategic Product Management, DRB; Alison Amira, Director of Product Management, DRB; Patrick Mulcahy, VP of Engineering, DRB.  Moderator: Todd Davy, SVP of Sales, DRB

The DRB panel discussed AI's role in advancing various products, including   NoPileups™, license plate recognition (LPR) and mobile apps. DRB is also looking at how AI can drive efficiency in technical support.  The ongoing development of machine learning algorithms will also be use to optimize car wash pricing. 

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