Simplify and Amplify Customer Acquisition and Retention

SUDS focuses our product development efforts on the challenges and opportunities that are unique to the car wash industry. This allows us to offer the following suite of products that drive real, measurable business value for car wash operators.

Our Products

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Churn can undermine your efforts to build a strong unlimited wash plan. ChurnBurner specifically attacks involuntary churn that is caused by credit card declines. It sends members automatic messages when their credit card has expired, will expire or has otherwise been declined.

  • Access on mobile or desktop
  • Customize customer messages
  • Track successful recaptures and at-risk accounts with comprehensive reports


SendIt brings opted-in email and text marketing together in a single platform to simplify and increase the effectiveness of all of your marketing campaigns. This allows you to seamlessly send targeted messages to members' channel of choice.

  • Send exclusive offers and promotions
  • Build and maintain a community
  • Provide in-depth and educational information
  • Send personal alerts and notifications
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End the frustration of manual member signups and incomplete member info with ScanIt. Customers can sign up by scanning a code on the pay station screen, which takes them to an online form where they can complete their signup. SendIt will create the customer record in DRB®’s point-of-sale system. If the record already exists, ScanIt will automatically update it.

  • Ditch manual “rack cards”
  • Speed up the signup process
  • Get more complete and accurate member information


ShoutIt protects and enhances your brand’s online reputation. It puts all of your brand’s online mentions and reviews in one dashboard where you can act on them.

  • Save time
  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Improve the customer experience and your brand’s reputation

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SiteSelect uses over 1,500 data points to help you evaluate the growth potential of sites you may be considering for a car wash. It leverages information from the local area and from similar markets across the country to provide a robust snapshot of potential performance. It uncovers traffic patterns and customer behaviors other data tools can’t and that aren’t visible by simply looking at a map.

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What's Next?

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