Mitigate Risk on Your Next Car Wash Investment

SiteSelect is a patent pending location analysis and forecasting tool designed to help you make the best investment decision when it comes to choosing a car wash location, whether it's a greenfield site or an acquisition. SiteSelect predicts revenue and member count at site maturity. It also provides a full report of additional site analtyics so you have a clear picture of the site's potential performance.

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Make the Smartest Investment Decision

graphic of a human head with an upward arrow and a location symbol above itUnderstand the likelihood of success for a site your are considering purchasing.row of three  location symbols increasing in size with a star inside the largest symbol Choose among investments based on the site(s) with the highest potential.graphic of lightbulb with light rays coming out of itOutsmart competitors by understanding the factors that truly impact site success.

How It Works

siteselect location summarySiteSelect achieves unmatched accuracy by blending machine-learning tools with a proprietary qualitative assessment. We leverage over 300,000 industry-specific data points to give you the most accurate understanding of a site's potential performance.

Our holistic analysis includes (but is not limited to):

  • Traffic patterns
  • Population trends
  • Customer behavior
  • Demographics
  • Competitive intelligence

How SiteSelect Is Different From Other Location Analysis Tools

siteselect nearby retail reportPowerful Data Set
SiteSelect is powered by the most meaningful and largest car wash data set in the world.

SiteSelect offers revenue and member count predictions with 90% average accuracy to give you peace of mind about your investment.

Focus on Factors That Matter
SiteSelect considers data points that are proven to determine the performance of a car wash. (Hint: It's a lot more than just traffic counts or demographics!)

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