Our Largest, Most Advanced Pay Station

With a large display and high-capacity change dispensing capabilities, Sentinel is the perfect pay station for busy car wash sites. 

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Black sedan exiting an in-bay automatic car wash on a sunny day

Increase Throughput
Sentinel’s user-friendly and responsive touchscreen makes transactions quick and easy, keeping vehicles moving through the wash.

Close up of the sentinel showing how it's flexible, allowing up to 16 wash packages

Gain Flexibility
The Sentinel supports up to 16 wash packages (2 groups of 8 washes) and features flexible change dispensing options.

A lock on top of a stack of bills

Keep Cash Safe
Cash is stored in a separately-keyed cassette that can be pre-loaded and unloaded in a private setting. The high-security lock system and integrated alarm enhance the kiosk’s security.


15-inch Touchscreen
User-friendly interface clearly displays wash package features and pricing.

Multiple Payment Options
Coin dispensing provides one-, two- or three-coin hopper option. Accepts Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover® via an Internet credit card clearing system. Optional EMV and contactless payment solutions are available. Uses PCI-validated software.

Marketing Options
Customizable promotions, advertisements and VIP Wash Coupons are standard marketing components. An enhanced marketing package is available, offering 100,000+ house accounts, VIP Wash Pass Cards and multi-site gift cards. 

Remote Management
Remote access tools allow the site owner to monitor activity, generate reports and schedule promotions through the internet.

Outdoor Protection
Features an integrated heater and heat exchanger as well as two outdoor-rated 5W speakers.

Security Features
Secured with a heavy wall case with high-security locks and separately keyed cash compartment. Includes an integrated alarm system with battery back-up.

Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor
Senses customer presence and automatically starts messaging.

Optional Features

  • EMV and contactless payment solutions
  • Enhanced marketing package for VIP Wash Pass cards and house account applications with multi-site redemption
  • POS Interface allows car wash codes to be sold at the gas dispensers or in the C-Store
  • Up to three additional coin hoppers
  • Dual-denomination bill dispensing
  • 2D barcode imager
  • ReachFree® ID subscription-based account system
  • Color wide-angle surveillance camera
  • Line conditioner and Surge suppressor
  • Custom overlays
  • Barrier gate (manages traffic control and assures accuracy of the wash queue)
  • Flexible credit processing options allowing a variety of processors


Our Custom Overlay program allows washes to use payment stations as a branding opportunity. The program is available for all Unitec systems, both new and in the field. 

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