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The future of mobility is uncertain — but abundant with opportunity for those who can see what's coming. Join global futurist and inventor Jonathan Brill on an insightful tour of the technological, economic and social disruptions that will shape the next decade. 

In this forward-looking keynote, you’ll discover:

  • arrow iconThe Big Picture - Key trends shaping mobility and consumer expectations
  • arrow iconGrowth Strategies - How AI, business intelligence, and supply chain innovations can boost efficiency
  • arrow iconBuilding Resilience - Developing organizational agility to lead change and unlock new profit centers
  • arrow iconLeadership Techniques - Learn four actionable tools to maximize your success in your business and your life.

The future is filled with possibility. You’ll leave this session galvanized, equipped and ready to take action to future-proof your organization. Don’t just watch your future happen — architect it.

About Jonathan 

Jonathan Brill is Forbes’ #1 futurist and “the world’s leading transformation architect”, according to HBR. Inc. called him a “Silicon Valley Legend” for his work as the global futurist at HP, as an inventor of AI and Metaverse technologies, and as an advisor to the Secret Service.

In his talks, he brings you to the frontlines of tomorrow and shows you how to turn disruption into opportunity. Drawing from a $15 Million research program and his international bestseller, Rogue Waves, he shares how the collision of technology, geopolitical, economic and societal trends will impact your business. Then he will arm you with practical, innovative tools to help you take advantage of those trends.

More Sessions


AI: Transforming the Future  

Speaker: Robert Steffler, Vice President Data & Analytics, Vontier  

 Join us on an exciting journey into the future with our session on “AI: Transforming the Future”. Explore the cutting-edge world of experiential AI and discover how innovative retailers are harnessing its power. This thought-provoking session will guide you through the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, offering a glimpse into the future of technology and retail. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and shape the future of your industry. 

Mobilizing Tomorrow  

Speaker: Glen Parkes, Entrepreneur in Residence, Vontier  

Dive into the dynamic world of innovation at Vontier and DRB. As we explore the way forward, we will look at why and how Vontier and DRB innovate. At the heart of our approach is Launch Pad, the entity established to unlock, enable, and drive growth. "Mobilizing Tomorrow" is your ticket to understanding the proactive and transformative journey we undertake to stay at the forefront of change, and a sneak preview of what we’re thinking about for the future. 


Personalizing Tomorrow  

Speakers: Glen Parkes, Entrepreneur in Residence, Vontier and David Kuchenski, VP of Strategic Product Management, DRB  

Explore the future landscape of the car wash journey with Glen Parkes and David Kuchenski. In this session, they’ll unravel the possibilities of creating the ultimate seamless and friction-free customer experience that could redefine the very essence of personalized service.  From using your car as your wallet and ID to automated dirt level detection, the future is rooted in personalization that will shape the car wash experience of tomorrow.     

Innovations in People Management for the Next Wave of Talent   

Speaker: Ashely Fell,  social researcher, TEDx speaker and the Director of Advisory at McCrindle Speakers

 In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and shifting societal paradigms, the realm of people management is undergoing a transformative evolution. This presentation delves into the intricacies of talent acquisition and retention, navigating through the challenges posed by dynamic labor markets, and deciphering the evolving desires of the next generation of employees – Generation Alpha. 


From Wheels to Washes:  Understanding the Customer Journey in the Mobility Landscape  

Speakers: Ian Williams, President, DRB; Chris Friesen, President/CEO, Mint Smartwash; Courtney Johnson, CIO, Driven Brands; and Brett Meinberg, COO, Go Car Wash

In today's rapidly evolving mobility landscape, customer experience has emerged as a pivotal factor to driving success. DRB’s President Ian Williams will lead a conversation with leading car wash contributors as they delve into the intricacies of understanding and enhancing the customer journey. This session will provide insights into the dynamic nature of customer preferences, behaviors, and expectations across various mobility services, including the retail and car wash landscapes.    

Next Steps in Innovation at DRB  

Speakers: Todd Davy, SVP of DRB Sales, David Kuchenski, VP Strategic Product Management, DRB, Alison Amira, Director of Product Management, DRB and Ian Williams, President, DRB  

As a leading car wash technology company, DRB understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving world. Todd Davy will lead a panel discussion designed to provide industry professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts with an insider's view of the next wave of transformative technologies from DRB.   



Ian Williams, President, DRB®

Ian is the driving force at the helm of DRB's innovation journey! Since assuming the role of President in May 2022, he has brought his wealth of expertise as an accomplished technology executive to the forefront. 

As a strategic advisor, specializing in growth planning, digital transformation and innovation, Ian has deep technology expertise. Before joining DRB, Ian held influential leadership roles at Deluxe Corporation, Imation, Seagate Technology, Adaptec and Hewlett Packard.  

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the exciting frontiers that Ian is helping to shape!


Todd Davy, SVP of Sales, DRB

Get ready to be inspired by Todd, a respected thought leader in the car wash industry! Todd kicked off his journey with DRB in 1996 as a field trainer and has spent 25 years of relentless dedication, having held multiple positions including R&D, Operations and Technical Support Management. 

His magnetic leadership qualities and unwavering commitment propelled him to the role of Northeast Sales Director in 2015, a position earned through driving unprecedented regional growth. Not one to rest on his laurels, Todd then took the helm of direct tunnel sales, steering DRB towards new heights of success. Now, as the leader of all corporate sales, Todd is at the forefront of propelling growth across DRB's dynamic business units. 

Todd's insights are not just theoretical – he's walked the talk. Todd is not just a speaker - he's inspirational, and his session will provide a glimpse into the innovative future of the car wash industry. Don't miss the chance to tap into Todd's wealth of experience and expertise!


Glen Parkes, Entrepreneur in Residence, Vontier

Prepare to be captivated by Glen, a true trailblazer in the realm of innovative technology! Before bringing his dynamic expertise to Vontier in 2022, Glen spent 15 years at GE/Baker Hughes where he ascended to the role of Digital Product Management Director, steering the ship as he spearheaded the development and management of multiple startups. 

Glen's journey is a fusion of industries, and his earlier career reads like a who's who of the automotive world, with a decade of experience working with iconic brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Lotus Cars. 

Now, as Vontier's Entrepreneur in Residence, Glen is at the forefront of creating and nurturing internal startups, injecting a vibrant culture of innovation into all they do. His session promises to be a captivating exploration of the intersection between technology, entrepreneurship and the future. Gain insights from Glen's wealth of experience and discover the exciting frontiers he's helping to shape! 

Dave Kuchenski, VP of Strategic Product Management, DRB 

Dave is a visionary at the forefront of DRB’s product management! With an impressive technology-focused track record spanning over 15 years, Dave is a seasoned expert in steering product strategy, fostering innovation, and championing cross-functional collaboration within the dynamic realm of the software industry. 

In his role as the Vice President of Product Management at DRB, Dave is a leader with a keen eye for aligning with customer needs, staying ahead of market trends, and achieving ambitious business objectives. Dave's influence extends far beyond the realm of ordinary product management. 

Don't miss the opportunity to be inspired by Dave's expertise as he navigates the ever-evolving landscape of technology and product development! 


Robert Steffler, Data & Analytics, Vontier

Robert is a dynamic expert in the convergence of data, analytics and marketing technology! In April 2021, he brought his wealth of experience to Vontier, making a bold transition from his role as VP, Data & Analytics and Marketing Technology at Neiman Marcus. 

At Neiman's, Robert was the driving force behind creating a comprehensive customer view across their brands. His visionary leadership laid the groundwork for achieving personalization at scale, revolutionizing customer interactions. 

Before leaving his mark at Neiman Marcus, Robert held the position of Sr. Director at JCPenney, where he not only spearheaded the establishment of their BI & Analytics Center of Excellence but also led the charge in the Payment and Marketing Systems domains. 

Robert's journey through the tech and analytics landscape includes significant roles at PepsiCo, Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits, Deloitte and Accenture. His session promises to be a fascinating exploration of the transformative intersection between data, analytics, and marketing.  Don't miss the chance to gain insights from Robert's incredible journey and discover the innovative strategies that are reshaping the landscape of technology and customer engagement! 

Ashley Fell headshot

Ashley Fell, Director of Advisory, McCrindle Speakers

Ashley is a social researcher, author and speaker who focuses on generational insights and leadership training. As Director of Advisory at McCrindle Speakers, she helps organizations understand and lead across generations, particularly Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha. She is an expert at creating engaging, research-based content and is regularly interviewed in media on topics related to future trends, leadership and communication. Fell has written two books on leadership and generations and hosts the podcast The Future Report.

Alison Amira, Director of Strategic Product Management, DRB 

Ali is a dynamic force behind groundbreaking solutions at DRB, bringing a fresh perspective and a tech-savvy flair to the table! 

With an innate understanding of technology and a sharp eye for market opportunities, Ali has played a pivotal role in guiding product teams, ensuring the delivery of high-impact solutions that resonate across diverse customer segments. 

With her collaboration and adeptness at seamlessly bridging the gap between engineering, design, marketing and sales, Ali transforms ideas into impactful solutions that precisely address market needs. Don't miss the chance to tap into Ali's innovative mindset, gain valuable insights, and explore the exciting future of technology! 

Chris Friesen bio

Chris Friesen, President & CEO, Mint Smartwash 

Chris is one of the founding members of the Mint Smartwash Express car wash chain, established in 2014 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mint currently operates seven express washes in Canada and one in Montana. 

Chris is a Chemical Engineer who spent 10 years in the upstream Canadian oil and gas business before joining his father in their family office. Throughout the build up of Mint, Chris has been involved in all facets of the express car wash business from design, build, operations, marketing and expansion of the Mint brand.  Chris is passionate about detailed operational excellence and delivering best in class customer experience.  

Courtney Johnson headshot

Courtney Johnson, CIO - Car Wash, Driven Brands 

Courtney Johnson joined Driven Brands in October 2022 as CIO, Car Wash overseeing car wash digital and data strategy.   

Courtney brings experience across a variety of industries and disciplines within the Marketing, Procurement, Operations, IT and Project Management domains. Immediately prior to taking on this role, she served as Director of Product Management at Pampered Chef, where she led development and execution of the company’s global product strategy and launches , including Pampered Chef’s first subscription program. Prior to Pampered Chef, Courtney held leadership positions at Kraft Heinz, Whirlpool Corporation and Build-a-Bear Retail Management.  

Courtney has a BA from Vanderbilt University, an MS in Strategic Management from Indiana Kelley School of Business and an MBA from Indiana Kelley School of Business.  

Brett Meinberg headshot

Brett Meinberg, COO, GO Car Wash 

Brett has been washing cars since 2003 – He started his career in high school as a tunnel attendant at the double tunnel Car Wash Express in Highlands Ranch, CO. 

In 2016, his company was acquired by IMO which became ICWG/Driven/Take 5. As he helped scale that organization, they grew to over 160 locations. He transitioned to DRB to be a Sales Engineer in 2019, contributing to the launch of the Patheon® POS. He joined GO Car Wash later in 2019 as their COO. He has helped GO grow from eight to 144 locations.