Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at The Car Wash Show! We hope DRB® can help you turn data into dollars with our data-based solutions. 

Keep the Momentum Going

If you want to further explore our solutions or weren't able to make it to the show and would like to learn more, contact our sales team.

Beyond Point-of-Sale

Just like the amazing architecture which helped inspire its name, Patheon is “eons” ahead of traditional POS systems. Beyond simply handling unlimited plans and payments, it’s also an analytics and insights engine, a workforce management tool and so much more. Patheon keeps evolving to get the most out of data and the latest technologies.

Patheon includes:

Deputy Employee Scheduling and Timeclock
Deputy is a centralized tool included with Patheon to automate scheduling, help you control labor costs, track time and attendance and simplify payroll.

Web Application
Patheon's Web Application takes advantage of the latest technologies to combine the best aspects of traditional web pages and mobile apps - think of it as a website that acts and feels like an app.

Patheon Insights
Patheon Insights goes beyond standard reporting with interactive dashboards, explanations, forecasts, trends and narratives that allow you to uncover new paths to growth.

More to Explore

TotalID combines the strengths of FastPass® RFID technology and FastID™ License Plate Recognition (LPR) to give you a rock-solid vehicle identification system for your tunnel car wash. 

TunnelWatch is a web-based tunnel control system, keeping you in touch with your tunnel from virtually anywhere and giving you unprecedented control over your tunnel equipment.

NoPileups uses patented video and computer technology to help you increase capacity, identify misaligned equipment and prevent in-tunnel collisions.

Director provides robust, centralized reporting for multi-site, unattended car washes, helping operators make data-driven decisions to promote growth.

Rock-Solid Pay Stations
From the cashless C-Start® utilized at many C-Store/unattended washes to  our signature XPT® designed for tunnel car wash market, we have a pay station to fit your unique needs.

CarPics photographs vehicles at the POS and displays them on a touchscreen at the tunnel entrance. Attendants can easily adjust queue positions, select retracts and send extra rollers.

Our partner Suds™ further elevates data by applying consumer behavior insights and predictive analysis to it, delivering revenue optimization strategies to growth-oriented car wash businesses. Contact Suds to learn about those strategies as well as their technology solutions:

A comprehensive tool to assess the growth potential of prospective car wash locations

Brings opted-in email and text marketing together in a single platform to simplify and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns 

Attacks involuntary churn caused by credit card declines. It sends members automatic messages when their credit card has expired, will expire or has otherwise been declined. 

Ends the frustration of manual member sign-up and incomplete member info

Protects and enhances your brand’s online reputation, taking the stress out of monitoring and responding to customer reviews

Contact Suds to Learn More

In Case You Missed It - New Investors Session

As part of the International Car Wash Association's Meet the Market program for new investors, we presented The First 90 Days - Strategies to Ensure Your Car Wash Success From the Start during The Car Wash Show.

If you missed this presentation, we will be sharing it again in an upcoming webinar given by DRB® SVP of Sales Todd Davy and Suds™ President Dan Flatley. You’ll learn proven, data-backed strategies to maximize your opportunity from the company that commercialized unlimited plans in the car wash industry. Join us for this webinar 3 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 7.

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