Boost Profitability With an Express Exterior Tunnel

A tunnel wash (also known as a conveyorized wash) is an alternative to an in-bay automatic car wash. In an express exterior car wash, vehicles are pushed by a conveyor or belt through a tunnel as different pieces of equipment complete the wash process. Many C-Stores and standalone washes are embracing this model for its ability to increase throughput and profit. And many of them turn to DRB® for point-of-sale and optimization technology to help them establish and scale their businesses.

Wash More Cars
Because IBAs can only wash one car at a time, they can typically only wash around 10 cars an hour. Conversely, multiple cars can be in a tunnel at the same time, allowing an express exterior tunnel to wash up to 200 cars an hour.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Being able to wash multiple cars at once also reduces customer wait times, which significantly enhances the customer experience and overall satisfaction. If you're noticing long lines at your IBA, that can be a sign to convert to a tunnel.

Add Tunnel With Small Footprint
Advances in car wash equipment have made it possible for a tunnel to be as small as 35-feet long and still effectively wash vehicles, so even if you don't have extra space, you may still be able to reap the benefits of an express exterior.

Partner with DRB®

Trusted by more top 50 conveyorized car wash chains than all other technology providers combined, DRB has the experience to help you build and grow a successful express exterior tunnel car wash. 

We can optimize your business with our powerful technology offerings. And as the company that commercialized unlimited wash plans, we are uniquely suited to help you establish your own program for recurring revenue.

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