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As the car wash technology leader for 40 years, DRB® has the unparalleled ability to use and leverage data to maximize your car wash investments.  And we’ve now taken that one step further with Catalyst, our new car wash marketing automation platform that will be unveiled for the first time at in Booth #801 at The Car Wash Show May 13-15 in Nashville.  

Synced directly with Patheon®, Catalyst leverages your POS data to make your marketing efforts more impactful. See how Catalyst, Patheon and our other solutions work together to maximize your car wash investment in Booth #801.

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Get a first look at our new marketing automation platform Catalyst in Booth #801. Catalyst eliminates the need to manage multiple platforms for email marketing, text messaging and other marketing efforts. Synced with Patheon, Catalyst turns POS data into personalized action. 

  • Leverage customer behavior data in your POS to drive automated campaigns.

  • Reduce churn, convert members and drive retail visits with targeted messages.

  • Collect and grow your database of customer contacts for marketing.

Patheon is a powerful car wash management software platform that ensures you get the most out of your car wash investment. Patheon allows you to:  

Improve Operational Efficiency

Ramp up team members quickly, streamline your operations and simplify daily interactions.  

Scale Quickly

Patheon scales with your business, ensuring that technology never limits your ambitions. 

Maximize Your Revenue Potential

Get the most out of your members and retail customers while enhancing throughput. 

Enhance the Consumer Experience

Create meaningful and memorable interactions that solidify your brand’s reputation for excellence.

DRB In-Bay Solutions

For more than 40 years, we have been serving unattended/C-Store car washes, building a reputation for innovative technology, unparalleled customer service and rock-solid point-of-sale hardware. We empower operators, distributors and manufacturers to drive ROI wherever they are in their car wash journey. 

We can help you: 

  • Drive customer loyalty and recurring revenue with a Beacon Mobile app

  • Achieve sustainable growth with the Washify point-of-sale system

  • Improve visibility and uptime with Director®, an enterprise-level management system

More to Explore

See us in Booth #801 to discuss other ways we can help you  optimize your car wash business.

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Offers pricing strategy, site location analysis, data-driven marketing strategies and more. And now with Patheon Optimizer, we can also help you accelerate  ROI and growth with Patheon.

vehicle at washify car wash pay station in front of a car wash bay

A cloud-based point-of-sale system for small to mid-sized tunnel and IBA washes. From POS and kiosks to customer account management and marketing, Washify has the tools to help you to manage and grow your business.

hand holding a phone displaying a Beacon Mobile car wash app

Beacon Mobile
Provides customized mobile apps that drive customer loyalty, retention and engagement for both in-bay automatic and tunnel car washes.

two cars going into a car wash tunnel with nopilups monitor in above

A full tunnel management system that uses patented video and computer technology to help you increase capacity, identify misaligned equipment and prevent in-tunnel collisions.

Driverse offers intuitive, cloud-based shop management software for quick lubes built from the combined 40+ years of experience from our legacy brands, including eLube, InvoMax, Sage and Auto Data.

Driverse is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind to make quick lube shop management easy.

We’re excited to show Driverse in the DRB booth for the first time. See how Driverse can elevate your shop management in Booth #801.

Let's Talk 

To discuss how we can help you personalize your customer experience and optimize your business, visit us May 13-15 in Booth #801 at The Car Wash Show, or contact us to speak with a sales rep and take advantage of our amazing pre-show specials!