Successful Unlimited Wash Plan Launch With Washify

November 21, 2023

Complete Autowash Philly offers the premier experience for car wash
and detailing in Philadelphia.5262aac6-c94a-4d9b-8eed-ef23fbd71aa5-300x167.png They have achieved this through renovations, premium product selection, and their unlimited program. Jeff has been operating Complete Autowash for 13 years, and the site has been around for almost 70 years. He knew that the site could reach its full potential if they replaced some of their equipment. He made “drastic improvements” including a complete tunnel remodel and the addition of Washify.

The Complete Austowash Philly team believes that “you get what you pay for” so they have invested in their partnerships in order to deliver a superior service to their customers. Washify was installed at the beginning of 2018 and their unlimited program launched in April. The program gained more than 750 members within weeks, demonstrating the popularity of the unlimited model and the loyalty of Complete Autowash Philly’s customer base.

“Washify gives car wash owners the tools to be successful. It’s user friendly, which makes training employees really easy. The unlimited program is easy to explain, so my employees can quickly sign up new members.” – Jeff Lee, Complete Autowash Philly

The Washify POS captures customer details and activates accounts instantly, so membership starts right away. Furthermore, the car wash point of sale terminal also gathers marketing data and offers valuable insight into customer behavior. Jeff uses Washify’s marketing automations to promote the wash to customers and upsell the unlimited program.

Even while he’s away from the wash, Jeff tracks performance with Washify’s cloud-based dashboard. “The dashboard is an invaluable tool for car wash owners. There is a lot that you can do with it and the more you explore customizations, the more powerful it becomes.” Car wash owners like Jeff use the Washify dashboard to access their reporting and key metrics remotely, giving them actionable insights even when they aren’t on-site.

Jeff and his team see significant growth potential for unlimited memberships and they are excited to continue building on their successful program.

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