SUDS™ Talks Pricing Strategies in the ICA’s Pitch™ Presentation

February 22, 2023

DRB® and SUDS were recently featured in the ICA’s Pitch webinar discussing SUDS’ latest offering, PrecisionPricing.

Pitch provides car wash industry suppliers the opportunity to showcase new products and services to the ICA membership. The ICA recently summarized the presentations in this article.

In DRB’s Pitch presentation, DRB Product Marketing Manager Kayla Ivey showcased PrecisionPricing, an analytical modeling tool by SUDS that optimizes prices based on economics, statistics and math and then layers in behavioral economics principles that predict how real human beings will behave.

“We can predict what the results of your price change will be with about a 99% accuracy,” said Ivey about the program’s ability to estimate customer response to a pricing adjustment. 

To learn more about PrecisionPricing, register for our webinar PrecisionPricing: Make More Money Without Washing a Single Extra Vehicle.

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