Transformative Success with Patheon

February 21, 2024

Aaron McCollum, Operations Manager at Splash Xpress Car Wash, was hesitant about Patheon®, the chosen POS system.  Despite initial reservations, the impressive outcomes since Patheon’s implementation changed his perspective. With six  years of industry experience using DRB®’s SiteWatch®, McCollum embraced Patheon for its robust capabilities as Splash Xpress aimed for rapid growth in Minnesota. 

The Results

Time Savings

Patheon’s self-service capabilities signicantly reduced the time spent creating plans, creating discounts, and setting up house accounts, allowing McCollum to create and manage them independently. Splash_Xpress_Quote_(1).jpg

Data-Driven Decisions

Patheon Insights provided a consolidated dashboard for detailed data analysis, empowering McCollum to identify trends and respond promptly to any issues. 

Increase Sales

The Essential Web App not only facilitated 24/7 membership sign-ups through mobile devices but also enhanced the retail customer experience with its Pay-As-You-Go feature. 

Intuitive Training

The user-friendly interface of Patheon streamlined the onboarding process, enabling quicker training for new hires compared to SiteWatch. 

Responsive Support

McCollum praised the exceptional support from the dedicated Patheon team, emphasizing  minimal wait times for calls. 

Transformative and Future Outlook

McCollum’s initial Patheon doubts were dispelled as he now views it as transformative. The gained effciencies enable him to dedicate more hours weekly to customer service and strategy. Splash Xpress is primed for swift expansion, utilizing Patheon’s effciency, user-friendliness, and robust support. McCollum sees Patheon as pivotal in adapting to market changes and customer needs, stating, "I’d choose Patheon over SiteWatch any day!" 

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