PCI Compliance Statement

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) has issued specifications aimed to protect sensitive information of credit cardholders.  These specifications affect merchants who accept credit cards and the vendors (and resellers) who provide payment application software. 

Compliance requirements for merchants vary based on their transaction volumes but all merchants are required to use only payment application software which complies with the requirements of the Payment Application Data Security Standard (or PCI-PADSS).  Additional information on PCI standards can be downloaded from the PCI website at pcisecuritystandards.org.

To facilitate our customers’ compliance with these requirements, DRB® 's Unitec® products capable of credit card acceptance use payment applications that have been validated by an independent auditor as compliant with the PCI-PADSS.  These payment applications vary by product as follows:

  • Wash Select® II – Credit processing is handled by a 3rd party device supplied by Datacap Systems.  Dial credit applications use the Dial Tran, IP processing requires the IP Tran.  Both products have been validated as PA-DSS compliant.  Merchants must ensure their Wash Select II has software version 5.00 or later.
  • Portal®, Sentinel® , C-Start®  and WashPay®  – These products operate with Unitec’s Sierra® Server Software which has been validated for PA-DSS compliance.

A list of software versions that have been validated is posted on the PCI website (listed above).  Additional documentation related to Unitec compliance with PADSS is available through the links below.

PADSS Implementation Guide for Sierra – The Implementation Guide instructs Unitec distributors and their customers on proper procedures for installing and using a Sierra-based product in a compliant manner. Download the Sierra Software PADSS Implementation Guide

PCI Training Presentation – Unitec distributors who sell Sierra-based products must be trained on the procedures to ensure a compliant implementation of the product. Download the Sierra Software PCI Training Presentation