How to Prepare

When severe weather hits, your personal safety is the most important thing, but you also want to protect your car wash.  Even with the best preparation, your Unitec equipment could become damaged, but these tips will help you minimize the risk.

General Best Practices

  • When unplugging a cable or connector, label the cable and port before it’s unplugged so you know where to plug it back in.
  • Take a picture of the connections before unplugging them.  This is helpful when hooking them back up.

If you expect flooding

  • If you expect your site will be flooded, move all computer equipment above the expected flood level.
  • Label all equipment and take pictures before moving it.

Computers and POS Equipment

  • Power down the terminals through the operating system.
  • If the terminal is plugged into a surge protector or battery backup, power those devices off, and then unplug the power cable from the wall.
  • If the terminal plugs directly into the wall, unplug the power cable from the wall.  When you hook the computer back up, consider plugging it into a surge protector.
  • Unplug the network cable to the computer or terminal.

Sierra Server Backups

  • Be sure to perform a system back up of your Sierra Software (USB drive is recommended) to retain important accounting and fleet account data.

Entry Systems

  • Power down the entry system.
  • Turn power off at the breaker that controls the entry system and gates, if you have them.
  • Cover the entry system(s) with tarps for protection.
  • Remove the gate arms to prevent damage.

Miscellaneous Peripherals (Printers, c-WashPal consoles, etc.)

  • If you have a power cord, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet or surge protector.