How to Change Wash Details

Wash details help your customer decide which wash to chose. In the Sentinel and C-Start, you may also highlight the upgrades added in each wash, which will be displayed on the operational screen of the unit.

 The process for editing wash details is: 

  1. Edit the Wash Dispensing function of the device profile.
  2. Download the device profile.

Edit Wash Dispensing

Go to the Setup tab, then to Device Profiles in the left frame. Select the device profile where you would like to add the added service (Portal, Sentinel, C-Start) and click Edit by the device name. Then click on Wash Dispensing in the left frame.

wash dispensing screen in sierra

To add the added service to the wash package, click the Edit button next to the Wash Type that contains the wash package you wish to edit.

edit wash types screen in sierra

Then click the Product Settings button for the associated wash package.

edit wash settings in sierra

  1.  Select the relay pattern that the wash equipment requires to deliver the desired wash package. Normally, only one relay output is turned on for each wash package. The alternate relay pattern is used to notify the wash controller of a change that’s required in the wash service. A typical use would be to set a “hybrid” wash for either a “touch free” or “soft touch” wash delivery. When an alternate relay pattern is enabled, a customer option message must also be set in the User Interface set-up.
  2.  Select any Added Services you wish to offer with this wash package from the drop-down menus in the order you wish them to be displayed.
  3.  If you will be dispensing tokens with the wash package, enter the quantity of tokens that will be dispensed.
  4. Click on Edit Wash Details. 

edit wash details text

5. Enter Details for the wash, if desired. These details are displayed when the Wash Info button is pressed on the Sales screen. The wash details screen allows (7) lines of 16 characters per wash. Click Save.

6 Edit each wash package as stated above and click Save. 

Download Device Profile

Download the device profiles to refresh the products on the unit.

  1. Click on Devices in the left frame.

all devices installed at site screen in car wash

Devices Screen

    2.  Click Download next to the unit you would like to refresh.

download device configuration screen