How to Setup a Fleet Account

Fleet accounts are intended as a “house credit” application where a business will be billed for usage. Typical customers for fleet accounts include local law enforcement agencies and private businesses with a number of vehicles in their fleet. Fleet accounts are set up directly from the Accounts menu option and not from the Programs menu. Once a fleet account is set up, cards, codes or RFID tags may be activated and assigned to individual users (or vehicles).

Fleet accounts can be set up to restrict a user to a single product (product-based) or to allow them to select any available product (monetary). The feature also allows the car wash Operator to assign a discount (as a dollar value or percentage) to the account. This discount will be applied in the Fleet report, which serves as the fleet customer’s statement for monthly billing.

The process for setting up fleet accounts is:  

  1. Set up a fleet account through the Accounts/Accounts function of the Sierra management system.
  2. Add users to the fleet account, as applicable.

Setup Fleet Account

To add a new account, go to the Accounts tab, then click on Accounts in the left frame.

Select Fleet from the drop-down menu then click Add New Account.

  1. Enter the name for the fleet account.
  2. Select whether the account will be monetary or product-based. For product accounts, the associated wash product will need to be selected from the drop down list of available products.
  3. Enter any discount for the account, if desired. The discount can be a dollar amount or a percentage.
  4. Select and enter usage limits, if desired.
  5. If the account is only to be used during certain days or hours, enable and configure the account schedule.
  6. Enter the billing address for the account.
  7. Enter the contact information. Note: If you wish to email a monthly billing report, the email addressee entered on this page will be the recipient. Click Save.
  8. Click Save again.

Add Users to Fleet Account

To add users to a fleet account, go to the Accounts tab, then click on Accounts in the left frame.

Select Edit next to the fleet account to which you will add users.Click Users.

Click Add New User.

  1. Enter the last and first name of the driver or vehicle type
  2. Select the redemption method. Methods are code, card, and RFID tag. Enter the code number,  card number, or tag number.
  3. Click Save.