How to Setup Notifications

The Users function allows you to set access permissions and notifications for each user. You may choose the types of notifications you and your users will receive. You may also choose whether you receive notifications by email or text message. The notification groups include:

  • Wash Equipment
  • Security
  • Server
  • Cash Fault
  • Credit Fault
  • Device Fault
  • Accounting
  • Reports

 To setup notifications, go to the Setup tab at the top of the screen, then go to Users in the left frame.

Click  Edit next to an existing user’s name to set their notifications.

  1. Click Notifications.

  1. Select the format for the notifications you would like to receive: email or text message. You may select one or both.
  2. Select which categories of notifications you wish to receive from the entry unit.
  3. Click Save.

Download Device Profile

Download the device profiles to refresh the products on the unit.

  1. Click on Devices in the left frame.
  2. Click Download next to the unit you would like to refresh.