Move to Self-Pay Transactions

Our Xpress Pay Terminal® (XPT®), TotalID vehicle recognition and Automatic Recharge Module® (ARM)work together to automate the plan membership process. Customers can purchase a wash plan at an XPT without human intervention, and FastID lets them use their plans without so much as opening their window. The Automatic Recharge Module further simplifies their plans by automatically charging their card monthly to renew their memberships.


close up of xpt car wash pay station with two more xpts in the background Our convenient self-pay terminal allows you to run more cars through your tunnel (up to 80 per hour per XPT) and manage labor costs while on-the-go customers will enjoy shorter lines and the convenience of self-pay. Up to eight XPTs can be supported per site

  • User-friendly touchscreen with 15” optically bonded display
  • Quick and secure credit card processing with EMV available. Optional feature allows you to clear credit card transactions during internet outages.
  • Also accepts cash, coins, prepaids, barcodes and SmartCodes®.
  • Designed for optimum serviceability and supportability to minimize downtime
  • Built secure with a separate locked entry door for cash, an ultra-tight bill validator, built-in alarm and camera, stainless steel plate enclosure and more
  • Weather-resistant with internal heater


white sedan from the back at a car wash pay station

TotalD combines the strengths of RFID technology and license plate recognition to give you a rock-solid vehicle identification system that enhances the experience for your unlimited plan members and promotes your business growth.

  • Allows customers to redeem washes without interacting with a staff member or pay station for safety and convenience
  • RFID identifies customer within two seconds, an industry best, and has a 99% read rate
  • LPR identifies every vehicle that has a clear, readable plate, not just plan member vehicles , allowing you to deliver personalized marketing messages.


The ARM renews monthly wash passes by automatically charging your customers’ credit cards.

  • Eliminate the manual transactions that inconvenience customers, create burdensome paperwork and invite internal fraud
  • Prevent pass sharing by tying each monthly pass to a specific vehicle via FastID
  • Customize renewal dates. Plans can be renewed on the anniversary date rather than the first of the month to eliminate prorating.
  • Track the number of passes of sold, the number deactivated and the number of washes redeemed by members with daily reports.