DRB®: Proven Car Wash Technology Partner

We can help you:

  • Drive customer loyalty and recurring revenue

  • Make more money for every car you wash

  • Improve visibility and uptime

Drive Customer Loyalty & Recurring with Beacon Mobile

  • Offer memberships at your unmanned car wash

  • Create a loyalty program

  • Drive revenue across profit centers

  • Push personalized notifications to customers

IBA Point-of-Sale Software

DRB is uniquely capable of helping an IBA car wash grow. Beyond processing car wash transactions, our solutions provide multiple ways to lock in customer loyalty and increase revenue. Ask one of our IBA car wash experts about our car wash options, including Washify.

Director® Cloud-Based, Enterprise-Level Management System


  • Centrally manage multiple sites

  • Optimize sales with robust, centralized reports

  • Minimize downtime with real-time visibility to equipment status

  • Efficiently manage fleet and house accounts



isolated image of c-start car wash pay station by Unitec

Portal® TI+

isolated image of portal ti+ car wash pay station by Unitec

Washify X Station

washify x station pay station