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Whether you have already decided to invest in the car wash industry or are just gathering information, DRB® Tunnel Solutions has the experience and deep industry knowledge to guide you through your car wash journey.

Since 1984, we have installed point-of-sale (POS) and tunnel optimization technology at over 4,000 car washes. We have been pioneers, commercializing the unlimited wash plans that ushered in an unprecedented era of growth in the industry.

Let us put that expertise to work for you so you can achieve quick and lasting success.

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Importance of the POS

The modern car wash POS system does more than process transactions. It provides detailed business insights, provides a way for customers to buy online, integrates with the business tools most important to you and more. In other words, it’s the backbone of your business.

That’s why it’s critical you get it right the first time. In this video, Pony Express Car Wash Co-Owner Travis Benson explains how initially selecting the wrong POS caused unnecessary headaches and why DRB ended up being the only choice for his growing car wash chain.

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DRB started with POS, and it remains our passion and focus. We are constantly innovating so we can provide systems that not only help you run your business but also stimulate growth. Our POS systems are reliable and scalable and can be used with any tunnel controller. To learn more, use the form on the right to schedule a free consultation.

Expedite ROI

As your trusted technology provider, we will help you squeeze every ounce of profitability out of your investment. Here’s what D-R-B means to you:

Data Insights & Solutions
We power more top 50 conveyorized car wash chains than any other technology provider, giving us an unrivaled ability to pull data and leverage it for car wash growth with:

  • Data-driven industry content available through our blog, social channels, industry publications and more
  • Robust reporting to help you make data-based decisions
  • Suds Creative, which applies consumer behavior principles and predictive analytics to data to develop powerful marketing strategies for car washes

Reliable, Intuitive Software & Hardware Innovations
Since 1984, we’ve been pushing the car wash industry forward with innovations such as:

  • Powerful point-of-sale systems. Our newest platform, Patheon™, is poised to transform the industry by combining POS with integrated marketing, analytics and workforce management tools.
  • Vehicle identification technology that enhances your ability to generate recurring revenue through unlimited wash plans
  • NoPileups™, a full-tunnel optimization system that increases capacity and prevents in-tunnel collisions
  • CarPics® Touch queuing system that allows attendants to quickly make necessary adjustments that keep your tunnel moving
Best-in-Class Support Team That Is Passionate About Keeping Car Washes Running

From our long-tenured sales experts through our installation team and after-installation support, we drive car wash success with:

  • Technical support with 24/7/365 emergency service
  • A sophisticated system for monitoring and optimizing hold times and other metrics
  • Field trainers with an average industry tenure of 6.5 years
  • Hands-on and virtual installations, each with a dedicated project coordinator
  • A Humble, Hungry and Smart culture that ensures we will go the extra mile, own and correct our mistakes and always treat customers how we want to be treated
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What's Next?

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