Car Wash: The Hidden Profit Center

The car wash is typically the second highest profit margin item for C-Stores. Are you taking advantage of this opportunity in your business?  DRB®  In-Bay Solutions  can help. We are the point-of-sale and technology provider of choice for the C-Store/Petroleum market. Let us help you make car washing a profitable pillar of your business.

Drive Loyalty & Recurring Revenue
Our partner, Beacon Mobile, offers a branded app that allows unmanned car washes to offer memberships. Customers can join with the app and redeem washes by scanning a QR code or entering a wash code on the kiosk. Limits on member usage can be customized.

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Boost Other Profit Centers
You can use the app to drive revenue at your C-store, gas station, pet wash or vending machines. Further leverage recurring revenue with subscription memberships for coffee or drinks, plus offer customers discounts on products and services in other profit centers.

Improve Visibility & Uptime
Director® is our cloud-based, enterprise-level management system. It enables you to centrally manage your car wash sites, optimize sales and minimize downtime. It offers robust centralized reports, fleet and house account management and real-time visibility of equipment status. 

C-Start® For Canada

C-Start was designed to simplify the transaction experience for car wash customers. It is the right choice for operators who wish to automate payment processes. The cashless unit accepts credit cards and is equipped for EMV. It also accepts wash codes. It's the smart, efficient choice for Canadian C-Store Washes.

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