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Should You Convert Your IBA to a Mini Tunnel?

August 22, 2019

The popularity of express exterior car washes has given way to IBA-to-mini-tunnel conversions, but it’s not right for every IBA. 

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Case Study

C-Store Chain Converts IBAs to Mini Tunnels

A popular C-Store chain boosted its car wash revenue by converting some of its in-bay automatic washes to mini tunnels.

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PCI and EMV: A Car Washer’s Guide

July 16, 2019

While both EMV and PCI work towards the same goal, they are not connected. They serve different purposes and have different requirements. 

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Set Your Car Wash Apart with An Amazing Customer Experience

June 17, 2019

You don't need elaborate efforts to attract and retain car wash customers. Often the simplest efforts provide greater, more sustainable re

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How to Keep Online Customer Complaints From Tarnishing your Wash’s Reputation

May 23, 2019

Don't let negative comments and reviews tarnish your car wash's reputation. You can turn a negative into a positive by planning ahead.

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4 Pillars of Car Wash Safety and Profitability

May 6, 2019

Following simple safety protocols will help you not only prevent damages and injury but can also increase the productivity at your car wash.

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