Credit Processing Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do before I call to set up an appointment to download my credit card machine?
Make sure you have set up a merchant account. A Credit Card Setup Application needs to be completed and faxed to DRB® In-Bay Solutions at 410-579-6830.

What is a bank or credit service provider?
A bank or credit service provider is a company or association that arranges and services an account for a customer.  The Credit Service Provider is a “middleman” between the customer and the Credit Processor.

What is a Credit Processor?
A credit processor is a company whose business is strictly handling credit card verification and electronic transfer of funds.

What is a Merchant Account?
A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments by credit cards.  A merchant account is established under an agreement between a customer and an acquiring bank for the settlement of payment card transactions.

What connectivity do I need to have for processing?
All credit processing occurs over the Internet, which requires a persistent Internet connection with DHCP server availability and access to internet DNS (Domain Name Services).  Most routers can provide the required DHCP and DNS services if properly configured.

Where can I find a merchant provider?
DRB In-Bay Solutions recommends our endorsed partner, Priority Wash. Visit their website to learn about their payment solutions. Customers may also use their local bank. To verify that your selected merchant provider meets the credit processor requirements, view our compatibility chart.

What does it cost for me to switch my processor or ownership?
For information on changing your processor, view our processor application here.

Where is the money deposited?
The money is deposited in any bank of your choice.

Where do the numbers on the Merchant Set-Up Sheet come from?
The numbers come from the merchant account provider.

I have two machines at the same location; do I need two merchant accounts?
Typically, one account is required with multiple terminal ID numbers. As policies vary by processor, you should confirm multi-terminal account requirements with your credit processor.

I have two machines at different locations; do I need two merchant accounts?
Check with your credit processor.

Are DRB systems PCI compliant?
Read our PCI Compliance Statement here.

How does the MasterCard BIN expansion impact me?
Bank Identification Numbers (BINs), which are the first six digits of the account number, are fundamental to payments. MasterCard has received an additional range of two-series numbers to add to their existing five-series, which began to be issued in 2017. This change may require DRB customers to upgrade their equipment. Learn More.

What do I need to know about EMV?
There is different hardware and an additional processing account required to utilize EMV readers provided by Payment Express.

The EMV reader is a larger and more complex card reader than the magnetic strip card reader.  The new EMV reader accommodates both chip cards and magnetic (mag) stripe cards.

User Experience
For the user, the following:

    • Credit card must be inserted after a wash is selected
    • Chip cards must be left in the reader, mag stripe cards are inserted and removed (as currently done)
    • Approval of an EMV card takes more time, but will usually be less than 5 seconds

Car Wash Operator
The EMV reader provided by Payment Express requires two processing accounts:

  1. A Gateway account with Payment Express is required. A Merchant account is required with the credit card processor.
  2. Your Unitec equipment’s software will need to be version 1.75.4 or later.  Upgrading software in older units may require hardware upgrades.