Security Protocol Changes

Security protocols used to protect and encrypt data during IP-based (Internet) transactions have been improved. SHA-1 and TLS 1.0/SSL 3 (standards for security protocols and encryption) have proven to be vulnerable to certain attacks. SHA-1 certificates are scheduled to expire and credit processors are migrating to SHA-2 and TLS 1.2.

Who is impacted?

DRB® In-Bay Solutions customers with DataCap IP Tran modems programmed prior to July 2016 are affected and must upgrade their modem software.

What is the nature and timing of the impact?

Affected IP Tran modems must receive a software update by July 2017 or there will be a complete disruption of service.  That is, any IP Tran modem in service after July 2017 using software version 3.82 or earlier will no longer accept credit cards.

There are two options to update your modem’s software: Swap or Reprogram by Unitec.  You may also choose to buy a new modem.  See below for an overview of these choices.

If I am using an IP Tran modem, what are my next steps?

To begin the software update process:

  • Send Unitec an email with your site and modem information, as well as your preferred method of updating your modem, i.e. Swap or Reprogram by Unitec.  We would be happy to discuss these options with you.  
  • Unitec will reply to your email with a screen shot of your processing information within 3 business days.
  • Please respond to the email, confirming that the processing information is correct.
  • Unitec will send you an RMA / Work Order number if you would like to have your modem Reprogrammed or Swapped.  You also have the option of purchasing a new modem. 

*Updating your software to support the new security protocols will also allow you to accept MasterCard credit cards with a 2-series bank identification numbers (BIN).

An Overview of your Options

ReprogrammingSwappingPurchasing New
ProcessModem is removed from the unit and shipped to DRB In-Bay Solutions. DRB programs your modem and returns it to you. Your unit will not have a modem to process credit during the process. An RMA # is required.You purchase a refurbished modem, which is programmed with your processing information. Once you receive the modem, you send back the older modem to receive the core (return) credit. An RMA # is required.You purchase a new modem, which is programmed with your processing information.
Cost$450$1,431 List Price A Core Credit is issued when modem is returned.$1,495 List Price for IPTran
InvolvementDRB works directly with Site Owner.Site Owner purchases refurbished modem from Distributor.Site Owner purchases new modem from Distributor.
RiskModem may not accept reprogramming. In this instance, a swap or new modem may be purchased.Modem may be too old to receive core credit, however this would be determined before it is sent in.None
WarrantyNo additional warranty90-day warranty1-year warranty