Top Car Wash Blog Posts of 2021

December 30, 2021

The car wash industry may seem simple on the surface, but as you know, there’s more to it than meets the eye. That’s a big reason why we established this blog as part of our mission to help you squeeze every ounce of profitability out of your car wash investment.

This year, we covered topics ranging from dealing with competition to going cashless. We also focused on topics of interest to new investors as the industry continued to grow. And as the DRB® Tunnel Solutions and DRB In-Bay Solutions websites combined into this new site, we also tackled more issues specific to the unattended/C-Store car wash market.

Here are the articles that proved to be the most popular in 2021:

1. Should I Invest in the Car Wash Industry?


The first in our new investor series, this article discussed the advantages of getting into the car wash industry, the potential risks and the car wash business models to consider.

If you’re considering jumping into car washing, this is a good primer to the industry. Get even more information in our new investor e-book.

Read "Should I Invest in the Car Wash Industry?"

2. Selecting the Right Car Wash Operating Model

choose_car_wash_business_model.pngThere’s more than one way to wash a car, which is great because it means you have plenty of options when opening a new wash. The key is finding the business model that jives with your lifestyle or investment strategy while best meeting the needs of the customers in the area. This article digs into the most popular types of car washes: Express Exterior, In-Bay Automatic, Full-Service and Flex-Serve.

Read "Selecting the Right Car Wash Operating Model"

3. Car Wash POS: The Most Important Decision You’ll Make For Your Wash

choosing_car_wash_pos.pngYour point-of-sale system is the backbone of your car wash. It touches every aspect of your business: Money, staff and customers. Failing to select the right one out of the gate can cause unnecessary headaches and expenses. Learn what to look for to select the right POS that will meet your needs now and as your business grows.

Read "Car Wash POS: The Most Important Decision You’ll Make for Your Wash"

4. Stopping the Silent Enemy of Unlimited Car Wash Plans

unlimited_car_wash_churn.pngIn the pursuit of gaining more and more new unlimited wash members, operators often ignore the silent enemy that can undermine their efforts: Churn. While you can’t prevent every membership cancellation, there are many factors you can address to keep your unlimited plan membership churn low, as Suds™ President Jason Baumgartner explains in this article.

Read "Stopping the Silent Enemy of Unlimited Car Wash Plans"

5. Navigating Today's Car Wash Labor Challenges

car wash labor challengesAs if the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t enough, you also likely struggled with staff shortages and other labor challenges. These issues are still looming, and while they are largely out of your control, this article provides some tips for how to best overcome them.

Read "Navigating Today's Car Wash Labor Challenges


More to Come

We’re working hard to come up with more great articles for 2022. If you have any topic ideas, please send them to us at And to ensure that you don’t miss one tip or insight, don’t forget to subscribe to the monthly Soapbox e-newsletter.

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