Habits of a Good Leader - Wicked Awesome Wednesday

October 06, 2021

DRB® President Dan Pittman shares what he believes are the two most important habits for leaders to develop in this Wicked Awesome Wednesday video.


Dan Pittman:

Hey, this is Dan Pittman. Another Wicked Awesome Wednesday, an opportunity to talk about a question.

One of the most recent questions was "What are some good habits that leaders can form? You know I struggle with that question because I think I have some bad habits. But, you know, I work with some leaders that do, that inspire me to do things really, really well, and I'd say some of the things that they do that I think to make them more powerful as a leader, and I'm certainly blessed with a really good team, is they trust their team. Be in the habit of trusting good people. If you have people that can do stuff, trust them and let them control, and you help. I think that's really, really important to do. As a leader, if you can trust somebody, you have to, it may be that you, may naturally want to help them or control. You have to try to find the habit of letting them do their thing. People appreciate that.

The other thing I think is an important habit is talking at all levels of the organization as a leader, I have to spend a lot of time at a certain level in the organization, but I think it's important that we do understand and have a relationship, have open dialogue all throughout the organization where people feel like they can approach you, they can say "Hi" to you. I guess a barometer would be if you're walking through the hall as a leader and people aren't engaging because you're not engaging, you should probably do something differently.

So those are two big things I think that would help a lot. Really just, it's not natural to let things be in the control of somebody else, but force yourself, create that habit that the good people get trusted, and they can grow, and they can do more. And the other thing is people will trust you also if you're talking to the whole organization, and they'll feel they can approach you.

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