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Case Study

Industry-Leading Car Wash Adopts NoPileups™ Company-Wide

Crew Carwash implemented NoPileups at all its sites nationwide, helping them improve the employee and customer experiences while saving money.

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Case Study

The Technology Metro Express Car Wash Can't Imagine Operating Without

Metro Express Car Wash Improves Operational Efficiency and Production with NoPileups™ 

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Case Study

Cherry Blossom Express Car Wash Improves Revenue & Reputation

Cherry Blossom Express Car Wash saves $6,000 in damages and insurance deductibles and improves customer satisfaction with NoPileups™.

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Case Study

Learning From the Best at DRB University

At DRB® University, Dapper Dan’s Car Wash employees learned how to get more out of their SiteWatch® POS. Read more

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Blog Post

The Customer Isn't Always Right: Navigating In-Tunnel Collisions Caused By Driver Error

October 31, 2018

When a customer causes an in-tunnel collision, it costs car wash operators time and money. Fortunately, these incidents can be prevented.

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Case Study

SiteWatch® Web Early Adopter Stays Connected to Wash

SiteWatch Web helped Sandwich Car Wash owner Darold Evans dig deeper into his car wash data and get more actionable analytical detail.

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